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Welcome to the Agile Development Bootcamp channel! The Agile Software Development Bootcamp will be beneficial for anyone working on or with a software development or agile team. The content will focus on gaining broader knowledge about delivering software in an agile way, the different roles you might need to support an agile team, and some development tools and processes you can use to do it effectively. This course will define what it means to be an agile development team, embodying the values & principles of agile, and creating an agile mindset for delivery. We will dig into the most popular agile frameworks used by teams today, discuss why they work well, some challenges you might face, and even look at a few options for scaling your agile delivery. Most importantly, we will spend time looking at different development tools, processes, and best practices that you can use within your team for day-to-day delivery, for building expertise, and to continuously improve your agile practice. The course will run over 3 days, 4 hours per day, in an interactive lecture format. No certifications are required to attend this course; however, a working understanding of software delivery is required.


Agile Development Bootcamp: Session 1 Replay
This is a recorded Replay of the Agile Development Live session that ran on February 22nd. In this session Cindy Davis introduces Agile software development, Transitioning to Agile, and the Agile Software Development Team.
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Agile Development Bootcamp: Session 2 Replay
This is a recorded Replay of the Agile Development Live session that ran on February 23rd. In this session Cindy Davis discusses Agile Frameworks (team based), Large Scale Frameworks (organization based), and Choosing a Good Framework Fit for your Team.
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Agile Development Bootcamp: Session 3 Replay
This is a recorded Replay of the Agile Development Live session that ran on December 16th at 11 AM ET. In this session Cindy Davis introduces Managing Scope with Agile Tools and Agile Software Design.
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Agile Development in the Real World
Written for project managers, technical team members and technical managers, this step-by-step guide makes clear what agile is, what agile is not, and how Agile contributes significant business value.
book Duration 7h 48m book Authors By Alan Cline


Integrating Agile Development in the Real World
IT professionals struggle with integrating agile practices and processes into traditional project environments. This text provides programmers and managers with specific ways to implement and use agile processes in everyday software development projects.
book Duration 7h 5m book Authors By Peter Schuh


Agile Excellence for Product Managers: A Guide to Creating Winning Products with Agile Development Teams
Filled with straightforward and easy to learn methods to help deal with project development problems, this book is a plain speaking guide on how to work with Agile development teams to achieve phenomenal product success.
book Duration 2h book Authors By Greg Cohen


Embedded Systems Architecture for Agile Development: A Layers-Based Model
Detailing how the moving parts in embedded systems development affect one another, this step-by-step book shows how to properly use both engineering tools and new tools and methods to reduce waste, rework, and product time-to-market.
book Duration 3h 14m book Authors By Mohsen Mirtalebi


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