BI & Monitoring: DevOps intermediate
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Explore some of the Business Intelligence (BI) and monitoring tools that can be used in a DevOps environment.


Application Performance Engineering Fundamentals

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ELK Operations on the Cloud

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Monitoring in DevOps: IT Resources

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Application Performance Engineering Fundamentals
Increased complexity in application development necessitates performance engineering activities be included in the development life cycle. Explore the fundamentals associated with application performance engineering.
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Application Performance Engineering Elements
Performance monitoring and testing are key aspects of performance engineering. Discover how performance can be monitored and tested against established performance objectives.
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Java Application Performance Analysis Tools
Application performance analysis tools are key in determining the root causes of performance issues. Explore a number of application performance analysis tools, including Java's jhat, jmap, and jstack.
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IBM Pattern Modelling Analysis Tool (PMAT)
If you need a tool to analyze Java heap usage and recommend key configurations, the IBM Pattern Modeling Analysis Tool (PMAT) is the tool for you. Learn the key features and functionality of PMAT.
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Heap & Thread and Monitor Dump Analyzers
Explore key features and functionality of IBM application performance analysis tools, including the IBM Heap Analyzer and the IBM Thread and Monitor Dump Analyzer.
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IBM Memory Analyzer & Visualizer
Memory issues can drastically affect the performance of Java applications. Discover how to work with Java and the IBM analysis tools, including the Memory Analyzer and Memory Visualizer tools, to help you resolve these issues.
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ANTS Performance Profiler
ANTS Performance Profiler can help boost the performance of your applications by identifying bottlenecks. Learn the key features and functionality of the ANTS Performance Profiler tool.
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Application Performance Analyzer
The IBM Application Performance Analyzer helps identify system constraints and improve application performance. Explore the key features and functionality of the Application Performance Analyzer.
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ELK Operations on the Cloud
Discover how to set up various components to build scalable ELK Stacks for analytics and monitoring.
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Logstash for Data Ingestion
Explore Logstash and various other data ingestion techniques and how to use filtering and plugins to ingest data in Elasticsearch.
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Data Management
Explore Elasticsearch's data management capabilities, as well as how to use Elasticsearch indexes, shards, and filters to manage data.
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Visualization Using Kibana
Explore the visualization capabilities of Kibana, with additional focus on dashboards and charting.
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Kibana & Reporting Capabilities
Explore advanced capabilities of Kibana, with a focus on data discovery and management, machine learning concepts in ELK, plugin management, and reporting.
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Monitoring in DevOps: IT Resources
A fundamental duty of a technical support engineer is to implement effective DevOps continuous monitoring. In this course, you'll identify the key components and patterns used to implement DevOps monitoring systems, the KPIs for analyzing the state of in-use IT systems, the best practices for defining effective outcomes with monitoring and alerting mechanisms, and how to monitor diversified applications. You'll also name the key components of multi-tier applications, the metrics to monitor for tracking an applications' overall performance, and prominent tools for adopting a flow monitoring strategy. Additionally, you'll identify information system security risks and outline techniques for defense in depth implementation, data-center monitoring, and security monitoring and comprehensive reporting. Finally, you'll learn to use commands to monitor server CPU, memory, disk usage, network, and load statistics.
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Monitoring in DevOps: Cloud Services
Before carrying out DevOps monitoring, technical support engineers need to choose the most appropriate cloud-based solution. In this course, you'll recognize the QoS parameters to monitor at each cloud platform layer and the prominent monitoring architectures used to monitor components across cloud layers. You'll then name some leading cloud monitoring platforms and critical tool selection criteria, before examining Azure, GCP, and AWS monitoring services. Next, you'll configure the AWS CloudWatch Logs Agent on EC2 Linux instances and use AWS Systems Manager Quick Setup to configure Systems Manager's capabilities on these instances. You'll configure Cloud Trail to manage event logs and use Azure Monitor to monitor and collect metrics and activity logs. Lastly, you'll monitor AWS EC2 instances, Compute Engine virtual machine instances, and web servers using Google Cloud Monitoring.
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ElasticSearch Quick Start: An Introduction to ElasticSearch in Tutorial Form
Including tutorials focusing on the basics as well as common use cases, this book aims to get you, as a developer or user of ElasticSearch, started quickly.
book Duration 1h 5m book Authors By Joel Abrahamsson


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