Citrix: Intermediate Citrix XenDesktop 7

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Explore Citrix virtualization, networking, SaaS, and cloud technologies.


Administration & Virtual Machines

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    Citrix Licensing
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    Managing Licensing
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Administration & Virtual Machines
Citrix XenDesktop uses virtualized desktops and applications to provide services to end users. Discover administration management and how to configure hypervisor components needed for app and desktop delivery solutions.
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Policies & Profiles
Discover how to control user access and session environments using Citrix XenDesktop policy management, and learn to personalize the user experience through user profiles.
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Resource Assignment & Environment Monitoring
Discover how to set up and assign resources to users using machine catalogs and delivery groups, and learn to monitor and troubleshoot end-user sessions using Citrix Director.
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Provisioning & Troubleshooting
Explore key components of a XenDesktop deployment, including Provisioning Services, Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA), StoreFront, and Receiver, and learn to troubleshoot common issues.
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Receiver & Policy Implementation
Learn to access XenDesktop services from any device using Citrix Receiver, and discover how to control various aspects of a user's environment with Citrix policies.
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Application delivery controllers (ADCs) are networking appliances that manage and optimize the delivery of applications over the Internet. Explore the Citrix NetScaler ADC, including its architecture and configuration.
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Environment Configuration
Citrix XenDesktop is a highly scalable virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. Learn to configure the XenDesktop environment, including catalog upgrades, vDisk management, and application publishing and deployment.
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Director & Database Fault Tolerance
Your XenDesktop environment relies on the ability to manage and maintain XenDesktop services and components. Explore XenDesktop Director, remote assistance, database management, and disaster recovery.
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Maintaining Services
Your XenDesktop environment relies on the ability to manage and maintain XenDesktop services and components. Explore Citrix Printing Services, user profile management, adding storage to target devices, and managing remote stores.
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Environment Monitoring
Citrix delivers apps and desktop environments to mobile end-users. Explore monitoring strategies for your Citrix environment to make sure you're able to identify or prevent issues.
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