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AWS Elemental Foundations - The Challenges of Streaming Live Video
In this course, you will learn about the key differences between streaming live and on-demand video, with a focus on the challenges that are inherent to delivering live workflows.
1 video | 8m
Introduction to Amazon CloudFront
In this tutorial, you will learn how to take in a high-quality video feed from a live event, use AWS Elemental MediaLive to create an adaptable bitrate (ABR) stream. How to configure AWS Elemental MediaPackage to package the ABR stream so that it can be sent over the internet to any number of customers. And finally to use Amazon CloudFront to distribute that ABR stream to any number of connected devices throughout the world.
1 video | 8m
Introduction to Amazon Elastic Transcoder
Amazon Elastic Transcoder is a service that helps you with media transcoding in the cloud. In this course, you will be introduced to this service, its benefits, how it works, and some best practices when using Amazon Elastic Transcoder. We will also highlight a few use cases of the service, and provide a quick demonstration so you can see the service in action.
1 video | 10m
Introduction to Amazon Polly
When it comes to technology, sometimes viewing a screen is not possible or practical. In this course, we talk about how Amazon Polly can be used to translate text information into life-like speech. Several use cases for Amazon Polly are covered, along with a brief demonstration of the service in action.
1 video | 10m
Introduction to Amazon Transcribe
Amazon Transcribe is a fully managed and continually trained automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that accepts common audio formats and can accurately transcribe both low-fidelity and high-fidelity audio. This course introduces you to the service by highlighting key features and use cases. We also review the benefits of deep learning to improve the accuracy of transcriptions and demonstrate a simple transcription.
1 video | 9m


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