CompTIA Server+: SK0-004: CompTIA Server+ 2014

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Prepare to become Server+ certified by acquiring knowledge of network server and storage systems.


Introduction to Server Architecture

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    Rack Mounts and Towers
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    Blade Technology
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Introduction to Server Architecture
As a good server administrator, you need to understand your systems from the ground up. Discover core server hardware components and resources, and compare power and cooling components of a server.
16 videos | 1h 38m
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Introduction to Server Administration
Setting up a new server? Master the tasks involved when working with a new hardware installation, from updating the firmware, configuring the BIOS, formatting discs, and configuring server OS and network basics.
13 videos | 1h 34m
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Server Management & Maintenance
What’s the purpose of your server? Let’s examine the various server roles and services that you may need to configure, how to use access and control methods to administer a server, and how to use proper server maintenance techniques.
11 videos | 58m
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Server Maintenance, Protection, & VMs
A good network relies on accurate documentation, solid policies, and efficient procedures. Explore server maintenance techniques, components and techniques of asset management and documentation, and virtualization components.
15 videos | 1h 23m
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Introduction to Server Storage
Because so much work is done electronically, information needs to be kept available and safe. Discover the technologies involved in storing and protecting data and types of storage media such as optical media.
14 videos | 58m
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Introduction to Server RAID
Organizations generate vast amounts of information, most of which needs to be kept available and safe. Discover the technology behind RAID arrays and the various types of storage architectures.
6 videos | 35m
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Introduction to Server Security
Security technologies have improved with the growth of data requirements. Explore the physical protection of data, server hardening techniques, and network security systems and protocols.
16 videos | 1h 20m
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Server Policy, Planning, & Safety
Data is created at a staggering pace and needs to be kept safe. Explore logical access control methods, the secure disposal of storage, and how to implement proper environmental controls in your server room.
12 videos | 55m
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Networking & Disaster Recovery
Networks facilitate the movement of data, but network infrastructure can be complicated. Discover IP addressing and network infrastructure services and protocols such as DNS, WINS, NetBIOS, and TCP.
11 videos | 1h 8m
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Ports, Protocols, & Cable Management
Disasters can be manmade or natural, and can cause short delays or major business disruptions, so organization is critical. Explore well-known ports and protocols, connectors and cable types, and cable management.
8 videos | 36m
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Disaster Recovery Planning & Backups
Without a solid plan, even the best equipment and staff are useless in the event of a disaster. Discover backup strategies and  procedures for restoring data and explore disaster planning and the implementation of a disaster recovery plan.
9 videos | 50m
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Troubleshooting Methodology
Administrators need to be able to troubleshoot all aspects of hardware, software, and network infrastructures. Explore hardware troubleshooting, common issues, fixes, tools, troubleshooting theory, and procedures.
14 videos | 51m
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