Digital Citizenship and Safety

  • 3 Books | 13h 1m
Remote learning means children will spend more time on the computer and on the internet. There are unique risks when it comes to cyberspace. These essential resources can help your children gain a basic understanding of how to be good online citizens and learn the fundamentals of cyber safety.


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Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology
Full of practical tips grounded in academic research and hands-on experience, today's parents finally have what they've been waiting for-a guide to raising digital kids who will become the positive and successful leaders our world desperately needs.
book Duration 4h 53m book Authors By Diana Graber


Cyber Safety For Everyone
A must-read for every parent, teacher or child who wants to avoid the temptations and perils of cyberspace, this important book tells you the kind of trouble children can get into when they are online and suggests simple, yet effective ways to deal with such situations.
book Duration 2h 26m book Authors By Jaago Teens


The Basics of Cyber Safety: Computer and Mobile Device Safety Made Easy
Providing the most straightforward and up-to-date guide to cyber safety for anyone who ventures online for work, school, or personal use, this book includes real world examples that demonstrate how cyber criminals commit their crimes, and what users can do to keep their data safe.
book Duration 5h 42m book Authors By John Sammons, Michael Cross