Google Slides: beginner Google Slides 2022
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Explore Google Slides, a cloud-based presentation app that's part of the Google Workspace ecosystem.


Formatting text in Google Slides 2020

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Getting Access & Using the app in Google Slides 2020

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Formatting text in Google Slides 2020
Including text in your presentation is key when trying relay information in the most effective way. In this course you are going to learn how to format, Insert, copy & paste text as well as find, replace & correct text using the Find & Replace and the spell check feature. You'll also learn how to optimize your titles with WordArt and how to organize lists with bullets and numbers in this course.
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Formatting and shaping your document in Google Slides 2020
In this course, discover all features available for the customization of your presentations in Google Slides. First, learn how to access the template gallery to create presentations that have a template, you will also learn how to access templates that have already been saved by your organization. This video also includes how to create, and work with master slides and layouts and how to customize presentations when using them. See how to access the master editor to customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, and other items in a master slide or a specific slide layout. You will also learn how to duplicate and create new slide layouts. Lastly, discover how to customize your existing presentations with default and customized themes and how to insert links to specific slides in Google Slides.
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Illustrating and enhancing your document in Google Slides 2020
In this course, you are going to learn how to illustrate and enhance your documents in different ways. See how to create diagrams by inserting, selecting, moving, and organizing groups and how to ungroup shapes. You are also going to see how to insert an image from your computer or from the web as well as edit it, how to insert multimedia files, hyperlinks and charts in this course.
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Creating & presenting a slideshow in Google Slides 2020
Once you've learned how to create your presentation, it's time to see how to deliver it. In this course you are going to learn how to create transitions between slides and also how to insert animations in order to better present your data. You will also learn how to use slideshow mode, as well as how to use speaker notes to help you while presenting. Last but not least, you'll see how to manage the presenter viewer tools and interact with the audience.
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Sharing and Collaborating in Google Slides 2020
Since your Google Slides presentations are stored online, you can easily share them with colleagues via email or by publishing them online. You will see how to publish presentations via an embed code or link in just a few clicks. In this course, you are also going to learn how to work and chat with colleagues in a presentation in real-time. Make collaborating easy and effective by learning how to add and manage comments as well as configure the chat and comment notifications.
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Getting Access & Using the app in Google Slides 2020
Google Slides is a powerful application offered by Google to create, edit, and show your presentations. For getting started, it is useful to know how to access and login to the application. In this course, discover how to navigate the interface to find your recently created presentations. You will also learn how to create new presentations from a blank document or a template, as well as to insert, skip, or delete slides. Lastly, learn how to work with multiple presentations and customize the display by using the zoom tool or hiding menus.
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Saving, printing & working with slides in Google Slides 2020
Google Slides presentations are automatically saved. In this course, you will see how to save a copy, rename your presentation, and use the history version to easily restore older versions of your document. Discover how to export your presentation into different formats, such as PDF, how to import a presentation, and how to print a presentation. Finally, learn how to enhance the presentation of your data, by creating, editing, and formatting tables in Google Slides.
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Google Slides In Pictures
With help from this illustrated guide, you'll learn how to use Google Slides to create and customize a presentation, work with animation, prepare live presentations, and much more.
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