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The term "Cloud" has evolved beyond a mere marketing buzzword to one of the most dynamic and essential global technologies in recent years. This phenomenon will not change in this present or upcoming decades. Cloud computing is now a key driver for delivering the value propositions for many small-to-medium sized businesses, large enterprises, global corporations, and government entities around the world. As a result, many IT practitioners and career-shifting professionals are making the wise decision to expand their knowledge into this important area. This course will use Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest provider and leader according to Gartner, for many of the real-world examples and use cases. The "Getting Started with Cloud Computing" live course is the perfect vehicle for building a solid introductory foundation in Cloud regardless of the selected cloud provider.


Getting Started with Cloud Computing : March(Session 1) Replay
This is a recorded replay of the Getting Started with Cloud Computing Live session that ran on June 23th, 2022.
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Cloud Computing Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction
Whether you are a beginner on the topic or a tech leader kick-starting change within your company, this book provides essential insights for cloud adoption and its benefits for our modern digital era.
book Duration 3h 49m book Authors By Anders Lisdorf