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Juniper OS is an operating system powering security, virtual, and physical products. Explore the ins and outs of Juniper here.


Network Devices

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Network Devices
Configuring Junos OS devices requires a thorough understanding of networking fundamentals and the devices involved. Explore the OSI network model, and the routing and switching functions involved with network devices.
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Juniper Networking Fundamentals
A strong understanding of networking fundamentals is required to configure Junos OS devices. Explore these fundamentals, and take an in-depth look at data-link and IP addressing.
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Devices & Architecture
Juniper Networks Junos OS is fully modular and focuses on the separation of control and data plane. Examine these concepts by looking at the Junos OS, and its architecture and devices.
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Junos OS Fundamentals
High-performance and reliability separate Juniper Networks Junos OS from other network device operating systems. Explore Junos OS fundamentals, and configuration basics using the command-line interface (CLI) and J-Web.
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Initial Configuration
Junos OS is a large and complex operating system and proper configuration requires a holistic understanding of the OS and the devices on which it runs. Learn the steps involved in performing an initial device configuration of Junos OS.
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User & Interface Configuration
Once the Junos OS device configuration is complete, there are a number of other tasks that must be performed. Discover how to configure Junos OS users and the interface, and how to work with configuration groups.
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To help keep your network running smooth, Junos OS provides plenty of monitoring functionality. Explore the basic command line tools available in Junos OS for getting the status of devices and networks.
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Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Maintaining your network helps ensure high performance and availability. Learn how to troubleshoot specific problems, perform maintenance tasks at system startup and shutdown, and manage Junos OS versions.
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Routing Fundamentals
Packet forwarding and routing are the fundamental functions of layer 3 network devices. Explore layer 3 basics, including routing and packet forwarding, and routing methodologies.
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Routing Configuration
Junos OS includes sophisticated routing functionality for layer 3 network devices. Learn how to configure and monitor basic routing in Junos OS.
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Routing Policies
A robust routing policy can have a number of positive effects on your network, including improving security. Explore routing policy concepts, as well as configuring routing policies in Junos OS.
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Firewall Filters
Security is a primary issue for modern networks, and Junos OS routing devices come with sophisticated firewall filter functionality. Explore firewall filter concepts, and how to configure firewall filters in Junos OS.
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The Book of GNS3: Build Virtual Network Labs Using Cisco, Juniper, and More
Including hands-on tutorials throughout, this exciting resource will teach you how to harness the powerful GNS3 software to create your own virtual networks with Cisco and Juniper devices.
book Duration 3h 38m book Authors By Jason C. Neumann


Network Mergers and Migrations: Junos Design and Implementation
Featuring solid state-of-the-art protocol analysis and practical application notes focused on specific functionalities, this guide demonstrates how to merge two or more networks or migrate one into the other.
book Duration 11h 31m book Authors By Gonzalo Gómez Herrero, Jan Antón Bernal van der Ven


Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN Configuration Guide
Offering complete coverage of the Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN line, this comprehensive guide will allow you to configure these appliances to allow remote and mobile access for employees.
book Duration 10h 21m book Authors By Neil Wyler (ed)


Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen and SSG Firewalls
Providing clear configuration examples that help simplify an otherwise complex process, this complete reference covers all of the newly released features of the product line as highlighted by Juniper Networks.
book Duration 12h 45m book Authors By Rob Cameron (ed)


Juniper Networks 147 Success Secrets: 147 Most Asked Questions On Juniper Networks
Containing comprehensive answers and extensive details and references, with insights that have never before been offered in print, this guide explores historical and technical information; network equipment provider companies; ethernet switches; vendors; criticism and controversy; and much more.
book Duration 1h 45m book Authors By Brenda Best


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