Kotlin: Kotlin 1.2 Beginner

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Explore Kotlin, a statically typed programing language for JVM and Android.



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    Understanding Kotlin
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    Kotlin versus Java
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Kotlin relies on the Java Class Library, and there are several integrated development environments (IDEs) to choose from for developing with Kotlin. This course explores the basics of Kotlin and its tools. You'll begin by learning that Kotlin relies on the Java Class Library, and there are several integrated development environments (IDEs) to choose from to develop Kotlin applications. This course describes the Kotlin language and its features, and shows you the differences and similarities between Kotlin and Java. As you progress, you'll also earn about various Kotlin data types, including variables, constants, strings, and arrays. Explore basic Kotlin syntactical structures, and Kotlin command-line compilers. Identify Kotlin's build tools and their uses. Discover Koans and their purpose in Kotlin. You'll conclude by comparing various Kotlin integrated development environments (IDEs).
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When developing with Kotlin, there are several integrated development environments (IDEs) to choose from. Discover how to install a Kotlin development environment and create a basic Kotlin project. You have lots of integrated development environments (IDEs) to choose from, when you want to develop a Kotlin application. In this course, you will walk through the steps to install the IntelliJ IDE, Android Studio, the Kotlin plug-in for Eclipse, and the Java software developer kit (SDK). Create a new Kotlin project and select a JDK with the IntelliJ IDE. Explore a Kotlin project structure and how to add a program file to a Kotlin project. Conclude by creating and running Kotlin code through the IntelliJ IDE.
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While similar to Java, Kotlin's syntax is not compatible with the ubiquitous language. Explore the basic syntax of Kotlin, including packages, types, variables, strings, and conditionals. During this course, you will see how to create comments in Kotlin applications, implement Kotlin packages, practice null safety, perform string operations, and program conditional structures. Then, as a review exercise, you will create a basic Kotlin application with comments, variables, and strings.
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Loops & Functions
Kotlin uses many of the programming constructs that you would expect to find in other high-level programming languages. During this course, you will begin by exploring type checking, loops, when statements, and standard function structures. Next, you will learn how to define ranges with the IN operator in Kotlin. Then, work with collections, Kotlin functions, lambdas, inline functions, and exception handlers. Finally, as a review exercise, you will create a Kotlin application that includes loops and functions, and then run the application.
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Objects & Classes
Kotlin is an object-oriented programming language, so working with objects is an important part of mastering it. During this course, you will explore classes, visibility, extensions, and objects in Kotlin. See how to describe objects and their implementation in Kotlin programming. Create a basic class and a class instance in Kotlin. Capture user input, store data in a file, and read data from a file. Configure Android Studio to work on your Kotlin projects, and configure IntelliJ IDEA for Android development. Finally, conclude by creating an Android project, add items to a project interface, and run apps in an emulator.
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Learn to Program with Kotlin: From the Basics to Projects with Text and Image Processing
Teach yourself programming starting with the basics and progressing to a series of exciting projects using Kotlin, one of today's hottest programming languages.
Book Duration 3h 25m Book Authors By Tim Lavers


The Joy of Kotlin
Including down-to-earth examples and experience-driven insights, this expert guide teaches you practical techniques to improve abstraction and design, to write comprehensible code, and to build maintainable bug-free applications.
Book Duration 8h 23m Book Authors By Pierre-Yves Saumont


Kotlin in Action
Kotlin in Action
Book Duration 5h 43m Book Authors By Dmitry Jemerov


Pro Android with Kotlin: Developing Modern Mobile Apps
Covering the various aspects of a modern Android app that professionals are expected to encounter, this book is an invaluable source for developers wanting to build real-world state-of-the-art apps for modern Android devices.
Book Duration 5h 49m Book Authors By Peter Späth


Learn Kotlin for Android Development: The Next Generation Language for Modern Android Apps Programming
Apart from introducing Kotlin programming, this book stresses clean code principles and introduces object-oriented and functional programming as a starting point for developing Android apps.
Book Duration 5h 53m Book Authors By Peter Späth