Logging: Splunk 7.03 intermediate

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Explore some of the logging tools that are used in a DevOps environment.


Splunk: Getting Started

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Data Analysis

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Splunk: Getting Started
Just getting started with Splunk? Discover you how to install and configure Splunk on Linux and Windows, and explore the Splunk interface.
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Fundamental Concepts
Splunk provides a means to collect and store log data in a collated and redundant data store facilitating searching and visualization. Explore various ways to get your data into Splunk.
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Searching for Data & Saving Reports
After Splunk has collected data from numerous services, it's useful to have a means to search through it as well as create reports from it. Discover how to search your data in Splunk.
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Data Models & Pivot Reports
Splunk can generate reports, graphs and dashboards to get an overview of your log data. Discover how to generate reports and visualize your data.
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Splunk Administration
Splunk is a complex system of multiple interoperating components and offers a great deal of configuration options. Discover how to configure Splunk to meet your requirements.
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Alerts & Capacity Planning
Splunk administrative tasks include creating and managing alerts and planning server capacity. Discover how to set up alerts and consider performance, storage, and deployment.
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Visualizations & Charts
Viewing individual log items can be useful when troubleshooting specific issues, but less so to see overall trends. Discover how to create and configure charts to visualize data and provide meaningful drilldown capabilities.
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When monitoring performance, it is helpful to be able to view service performance at a glance. Learn how to build customized dashboards to facilitate at-a-glance performance monitoring.
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Indexes & Storage
Splunk provides services for data retention, including backing up indexes and data. Explore Splunk implementation for indexes and storage, as well as archiving and restoring data.
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Indexer Clusters & Advanced Search
In large server deployments it may be desirable to achieve a higher level of logging throughput by utilizing multiple indexers in clusters. Explore Splunk implementations using index clusters, as well as advanced search methods.
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Data Analysis
Discover the basic concepts of data analysis with Splunk, including installation and configuration, and explore Splunk functionality, such as searching, reporting, and data visualization.
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Implementing Splunk: Big Data Reporting and Development for Operational Intelligence
With valuable examples and practical instructions, this book provides a step-by-step implementation tutorial that equips you with high-level knowledge of configuring, deploying, extending, and integrating Splunk to bring machine-generated operational intelligence to your advantage.
book Duration 4h 33m book Authors By Vincent Bumgarner


Big Data Analytics Using Splunk
Including examples drawn from social media sources such as Twitter (tweets) and Foursquare (check-ins), this practical, hands-on guide shows how to process and derive business value from big data in real time.
book Duration 6h 20m book Authors By Peter Zadrozny, Raghu Kodali


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