Machine Learning - AWS Learning: Amazon Web Services 2020 Beginner

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Explore Machine Learning with AWS Learning.


Detect Anomalies in Game Transactions with ML & Amazon Sagemaker
Game studios who are building and operating multiple games at a time tend to redo much of the server-side validation of transactional data received from game clients. This course covers the use of a central model (or multiple models per game) for offloading server processing and improving server response times. In addition, the course reviews different anomalies associated with game transaction data and how machine learning (ML) can help perform validations.
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How Amazon SageMaker Can Help
Learn how Amazon SageMaker mitigates the core challenges of implementing a machine learning pipeline. In this course, you will learn how SageMaker notebooks and instances help power your machine learning workloads and review the key Amazon SageMaker features.
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AWS Foundations: Machine Learning Basics
What is machine learning? How can machine learning solve business problems? When is it appropriate to use a machine learning model? What are the phases of a machine learning pipeline? In this course, you get an overview of the concepts, terminology, and processes of the exciting field of machine learning!
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Introduction to Amazon Comprehend
Are you in the medical field and spending a lot of your valuable time transcribing medical information? Amazon Comprehend Medical uses deep learning and natural language processing to extract entities from medical text and notes—which helps you improve patient outcome, provide research insights, and reduce costs.
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Introduction to Amazon Comprehend Medical
Are you in the medical field and spending a lot of your valuable time transcribing medical information? Amazon Comprehend Medical uses deep learning and natural language processing to extract entities from medical text and notes—which helps you improve patient outcome, provide research insights, and reduce costs.
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Introduction to Amazon Forecast
Accuracy is the most important factor when it comes to time-series forecasting, because it has a direct impact on revenue, cost, and profit. In this lesson, you’ll learn how Amazon Forecast improves accuracy by considering additional variables and external factors as opposed to traditional models. We will also look into how Amazon Forecast automates the entire forecasting process, including the recommendation of algorithms for optimal performance.
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Introduction to Amazon Rekognition
An introduction to Amazon Rekognition and its usage in image and facial analysis and recognition. Several use cases showcasing different solutions are covered in this video. Main benefits and key features of the service are included, as well as a brief demonstration.
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Introduction to Amazon SageMaker
Amazon SageMaker is a fully-managed service that enables data scientists and developers to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models. In this introductory course, we cover an overview of Amazon SageMaker, and look specifically at the service’s three main components, related to notebooks, training, and hosting.
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Introduction to Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth
Are you struggling with clean data labeling for your machine learning data sets? Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth helps you with automatic labeling and providing a managed experience for your end to end data labeling jobs. This lesson will explain the basics and provide a quick demo showing these capabilities; allow you to decide if Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth will work for your environment.
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Introduction to Amazon SageMaker Neo
Amazon SageMaker Neo is a new machine learning capability that enables developers to deploy machine learning models from multiple frameworks to multiple platforms in the cloud and at the edge. In this course we cover how Neo does this by converting a model from its framework-specific format into portable code that can run on multiple platforms. During conversion, Neo automatically optimizes machine learning models to one-hundredth of their original size with twice the performance and no loss in accuracy. Also covered are the benefits and key features of the service, along with some possible use cases for Neo.
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Introduction to Amazon Translate
This is an introductory course on Amazon Translate, the AWS service that uses advanced machine learning technologies to provide high quality translation on demand. The course introduces you to the features and benefits of the service. We also walk through several use cases and examples of Amazon Translate so you can see the service in action.
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Introduction to AWS DeepLens
This is an introductory course on AWS DeepLens, the world’s first deep-learning enabled video camera. This course takes a look at the device’s hardware, its architecture, and the AWS DeepLens sample project templates, which allow you to get started building computer visions applications within minutes. The course wraps up with a closer look into one particular project template, object detection.
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Introduction to AWS Inferentia and Amazon EC2 Inf1 Instances
In this video, you will learn about machine learning inference processing challenges and use cases, and get an understanding of the AWS solution to help solve the challenges using Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances powered by AWS Inferentia. You’ll get an understanding of AWS Inferentia custom chips designed for machine learning inference processing, and AWS Neuron SDK enabling high-performance deep learning inference using AWS Inferentia.
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Introduction to AWS Machine Learning Services
This course introduces Amazon Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools that enable capabilities across frameworks and infrastructure, machine learning platforms, and API-driven services. To do machine learning well, you need competencies across these key layers, the right data store, security, and resources for analytics.
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Introduction to AWS Marketplace - Machine Learning Category
AWS Marketplace now provides over 100 curated machine learning algorithms and model packages. These models can help you avoid the undifferentiated heavy lifting involved in creating a model or algorithm from scratch. This video reviews the benefits of this new addition to the AWS Marketplace, such as selling your own algorithms to other data scientists. We’ll also give a quick demo to show you how easy it is to get started.
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Machine Learning for Leaders
If you're a business leader, machine learning can help your teams maximize project results and gain critical insight into your business or customer needs. Learn how in this course.
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Machine Learning in the Cloud with AWS Batch
This course describes how to run and accelerate your machine learning applications in the cloud using AWS Batch. AWS Batch is a fully managed service that enables you to easily and efficiently run batch computing jobs on AWS. This course provides an introduction to AWS Batch, explains the main components of the service, and reviews a few examples of batch processing architectures.
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The Machine Learning Process
This course introduces you to basic machine learning concepts and the machine process the data goes through. We explore each step in the machine learning process in detail and explain some of the common terms and techniques that occur during a phase of a ML project.
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