Mobile Security Administration: Intermediate

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Mobile devices are everywhere, and they bring security concerns with them. Explore, in-depth, aspects of mobile security.


Mobile Security Threats

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    Mobile Device Overview
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    The Mobile Security Landscape
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Mobile Security Threats
Mobile security threats are among the most serious threats to the enterprise. Explore mobile security threats, risk identification, and best practices for securely handling mobile devices.
20 videos | 1h 30m
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Mobile Device Security & Handling
Mobile attacks are often a gateway to a wider attack on connected resources. Explore secure device data-handling, authorization and authentication, system requirements, and user requirements.
5 videos | 27m
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Mobile Security Technologies
Cryptography provides the means to secure data at rest and in transit, but that's only part of the story for hardening mobile systems. Explore encryption and some practical use cases in the mobile enterprise.
16 videos | 1h 1m
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Infrastructure Security
Requirements for a hardened back-end infrastructure are magnified by mobile devices which provide attackers with a potential route into your back-end network. Explore infrastructure security and back-end hardening for mobile systems.
9 videos | 40m
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Mobile Security Threat Mitigation
Once you've identified mobile security threats, the next step in the mobile-aware enterprise enforcing mitigation strategies. Explore threat mitigation strategies and configurations in various environments.
18 videos | 1h 10m
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Containers & Wrappers
Once you've identified mobile security threats, the next step in the mobile-aware enterprise enforcing mitigation strategies. Explore containers and wrappers from a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Company-owned Device (COD) perspective.
7 videos | 25m
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Configuring Enterprise-level Security
Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms can lock down all aspects of mobile device usage in the enterprise in COD and BYOD scenarios. Explore a model for enterprise mobile security, including Intune and System Center Configuration Manager.
16 videos | 1h 16m
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Managing Online Risk: Apps, Mobile, and Social Media Security
Including case studies, checklists, and policy samples, this book presents the tools and resources needed to better understand the security and reputational risks of online and digital activity, and how to mitigate those risks to minimize potential losses.
Book Duration 6h 44m
Book Authors By Deborah Gonzalez


Wireless Mobile Internet Security, Second Edition
Presenting readers with an intimate sense of how mobile internet systems operate and how to address complex security issues, this book covers the technological development of wired/wireless internet communications in compliance with each iterative generation up to 4G systems.
Book Duration 9h 14m
Book Authors By Man Young Rhee


Securing Mobile Devices
Explaining that applying COBIT 5 to mobile device security establishes a uniform management framework, this book offers guidance on planning, implementing and maintaining comprehensive security for mobile devices in the context of enterprises.
Book Duration 2h 12m
Book Authors By ISACA


Android Security Internals: An In-Depth Guide to Android's Security Architecture
Taking us under the hood of the Android security system, this book describes Android security architecture from the bottom up, delving into the implementation of major security-related components and subsystems, like Binder IPC, permissions, cryptographic providers, and device administration.
Book Duration 7h 31m
Book Authors By Nikolay Elenkov


iOS Penetration Testing: A Definitive Guide to iOS Security
Unearthing some of the most significant attacks threatening iOS applications in recent times, this book will teach you the methods of patching them to make payment transactions and personal data sharing more secure.
Book Duration 1h 38m
Book Authors By Kunal Relan


Mobile Application Security with Open-Source Tools
Authored by EMC Proven Professionals, Knowledge Sharing articles present ideas, expertise, unique deployments, and best practices. This article examines insecure applications deployed in production systems as one of the most overlooked aspects in mobile security.
Book Duration 29m
Book Authors By Sakthivel Rajendran