OneDrive: OneDrive for Business 2020 beginner

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OneDrive is Microsoft's Cloud storage solution, a powerful tool for organizations that need to foster collaboration.


Signing in & Setting Up in OneDrive for Business 2020

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Signing in & Setting Up in OneDrive for Business 2020
OneDrive for Business, part of Microsoft's Office 365 package, is used to store files to work on or share. OneDrive enables you to store your files and keep organized. Begin this 5-video course by learning how to log in and out of your Office 365 account, as well as access the OneDrive application. Before you start uploading existing files and create new documents, you will explore the OneDrive interface and the different tools offered by OneDrive. This includes knowing how to browse one's folders and how to change the directory view. Next, you will discover how you can use the search bar to quickly find a file in OneDrive, using basic information about the document. This leads into searching and finding OneDrive documents from your computer. Learners will conclude the course by observing how to customize a OneDrive account, where they can change an Office 365 theme, customize the language, time zone, and notification settings to meet their needs.
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Using the Storage Tools in OneDrive for Business 2020
One of the main benefits of using OneDrive for Business is working with files online. In this 8-video course, learners observe how to create and edit new files, share files, and communicate with a team. When working on documents with multiple people, versions are created. These versions can be viewed and restored easily in OneDrive for Business. To begin, discover how to create, edit, and delete documents, and then open and edit documents. Learn how to import files and folders onto OneDrive, and also how to download documents that you have stored in your OneDrive storage space to your computer. Next, explore syncing documents, where you can maintain access to your OneDrive storage space both online and offline by syncing OneDrive files to your computer. Discover how to share documents. Documents that have been uploaded to your OneDrive storage space are private by default, but can be shared with colleagues on the same company network. The course concludes by demonstrating how to e-mail other users and access shared user files, and manage document versions.
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Organizing Files in OneDrive for Business 2020
Once you start adding files to OneDrive for Business, you will need to organize them by creating folders and subfolders. Learners will observe how to move files into folders and organize a workspace to improve workflow in this 8-video course. You will also learn how to manage your OneDrive files from your computer if you have synced OneDrive. Add folders and files and remove items without having to connect to OneDrive for Business online. Begin by learning how to sort and filter your documents then discover how to delete files and restore deleted items, and create and delete folders. Once you have created folders in OneDrive, you can start moving files and organize your documents into folders. This leads into organizing your folders. The course continues by focusing on restoring files, so if you have permanently deleted files, or lost files due to file corruption from a virus attack, it is still possible to recover your data in OneDrive for Business. Conclude the course by observing how to manage your OneDrive files from your desktop.
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