Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA): EX200: Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator

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Explore the core system administration skills required in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments as you prepare for the RHCSA certification.


Configuring Gnome

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Configuring Gnome
Gnome is one of the most used interfaces in Red Hat Enterprise 7 for managing the system. Let's look at the Gnome environment and how to configure some of its properties.
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Using the Bash Shell
The Bash shell is one of the most used interfaces in Red Hat Enterprise 7. Learn how to use the Bash shell command-line environment to help you manage the system.
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Using Linux Shells
There are shells other than the Bash shell that can be used to help you administer a Red Hat Enterprise 7 system. Let's explore how to work with the Red Hat Linux shells to aid in your administration tasks.
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File Management
When administering a Linux system, the command-line interface can be a useful tool. Learn some of the more powerful features of the shell including how to use one command as input into another, and how to create and edit files.
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Bash Scripting
Get the most out the command-line interface in Linux. Here we look at how to create, execute, and control Bash scripts, and use the shell environment and shell variables.
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You can use the command-line interface in Linux to aid in administering a Linux system. Let's look at various methods available for archiving files in Red Hat.
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Package Management
A common task for Linux administrators is the management of Red Hat packages. Let's look at how to install, update, and maintain software packages in Linux.
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User & Group Management
Controlling who can access your Linux system is something that most administrators must know how to do. Here you learn how to manage users and groups in Linux.
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File Permissions
Linux administrators can include additional security by controlling which users have access to which files. Discover how to manage Red Hat file permissions for both individual users and groups.
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Using grep
You can use grep in Red Hat to search text or files for lines containing a match to the given strings or words. Here you learn about regular expressions and how to use the grep command.
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Bash Script Programming
An advanced task that an administrator of a Linux system may be required to perform is scripting. Here we cover the basics of Bash script programming, including how to write and use scripts.
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Job Scheduling
Job scheduling is fundamental to advanced administration of a Linux system. Here you will learn how to work with and schedule jobs, and how to schedule your own scripts.
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Processes, Services, & Daemons
A Linux administrator must know how to manipulate and manage processes. Introduce yourself to processes, services, and daemons, and how to manage them in Linux.
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Network configuration is a task that a Linux administrator must be able to perform. Let's look at basic networking terminology and devices, and how to configure basic networking on a Linux system.
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As a Linux administrator, you must know how the logging system works. Learn about the Red Hat system logs, and how to access and use them.
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Network Services
Linux networking can be complex, so being able to use the features and tools effectively is a basic requirement for any system administrator. Here we look at some of the more common Linux network services and how to configure them.
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As a Linux network administrator, you must be concerned with the security of your network. Learn how to configure the built-in firewall to help secure the system.
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Remote Access
A common task for a Linux administrator is being able to remotely administer and access a server. Let's look at the tools available and how to configure them to allow for remote administration.
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Network File Systems
As a Linux network administrator, you must be familiar with the available network file systems. Here we show you how to provide and use network file systems on your Linux network.
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Directory Services
Not all users accessing your Linux system may be using Linux on their own devices. Learn how you can use third-party directory services for authenticating user access to a Linux system.
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File Systems & Partitions
As a Linux system administrator, you need to know how to manipulate file systems and partitions. Let's look at how to work with the different Linux file systems, and how to create and manage partitions.
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Logical Volume Management
To effectively build and expand Linux systems, you must know how to manage the logical and physical disks and volumes. Learn how to manipulate and use disks and volumes in multiple configurations within a Linux system.
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Boot Process
Having a solid understanding of the boot process is crucial if you want to be able to customize your Linux startup environment. Let's take a look at the boot process and the system components involved.
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Installing Red Hat
A Linux system administrator must be able to install the operating system and deal with any boot issues. Learn how to install Red Hat Linux Enterprise (RHEL), and how to troubleshoot and fix some common boot and installation issues.
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Virtualization is an essential tool in every system administrators toolbox. Learn how to use Virtualization in Linux to host virtual machines and to run RHEL as a guest on a VM Host.
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Kickstart & First-run Issues
The Kickstart tool provided by Linux lets the administrator perform automatic installation and configuration of Linux. Let's look at how to use Kickstart to automate installs, and how to handle installation or first-run issues.
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Security is always a concern when deploying, altering, or maintaining any system, including Linux. Explore Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and how to use it to secure a running Linux system.
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Network security and maintenance go hand-in-hand. Let's look at some common troubleshooting skills every administrator should know in order to maintain a well working Linux system.
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