Scala: Scala 2.11.7 intermediate
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Explore Scala, the general-purpose programming language focused on functional programming and static typing.


Basic Scalding Programming

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Overview & Syntax Basics

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Basic Scalding Programming
Scalding is a Scala library designed to simplify programming complex tasks. Get started with Scalding by learning how to install and prepare the development environment, and create your first Scalding program.
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Components, Functions, & MapReduce
Scalding is a Scala library that is used to abstract complex tasks such as map and reduce. Explore programming with Scalding in more detail and learn how to work with classes, functions, and Hadoop MapReduce.
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Overview & Syntax Basics
Scala mixes programming paradigms, and presents a challenge to programmers of other languages. Discover some of the techniques associated with Scala programming and examine basic Scala syntax.
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Operations & Operators
Because Scala mixes programming paradigms, it can present a challenge to programmers coming from other languages. Discover how to work with operations and operators in Scala.
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Constructors, Fields, Objects, & Inheritance
Scala is an object-oriented programming language, so one of the main constructs is a class. Examine classes in Scala, including constructors, fields, objects, and inheritance.
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Functional Programming
Scala is a flexible, cross-platform language that runs on the Java VM that mixes programming paradigms and poses a challenge to programmers coming from other languages. Explore the use of functional programming in Scala.
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Collections & Strings
Because Scala mixes programming paradigms, it can pose a challenge to programmers coming from other languages. Discover how to work with the Collections library, arrays, and strings in Scala.
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Pattern Matching & Java Interoperability
A benefit of Scala running on the Java VM is that both Scala and Java can be seamlessly integrated. Examine the use of pattern matching and Java interoperability in Scala.
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Unlike Java, Scala is not limited by default to using threads for concurrency. Explore a number of concurrency options available in Scala, as well as the utilities associated with Scala concurrency.
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Simple Build Tool (SBT) & Scala.js
Because Scala mixes programming paradigms, it can present a challenge to programmers coming from other languages. Explore the Simple Build Tool (sbt), dependencies, ENSIME, and Scala.js.
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Expressions & Parallel Computation
Scala mixes programming paradigms, and so presents a challenge to programmers coming from other languages. Discover Scala streams, the "for" expressions, and parallel computation.
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Scala for Java Developers: A Practical Primer
Helping you kick-start your productivity with this growing popular language, this book will aid you in translating what you already know in Java to Scala to start your functional programming journey.
book Duration 2h 31m book Authors By Toby Weston


Practical Scala DSLs: Real-World Applications Using Domain Specific Languages
Using a series of practical examples throughout, this thorough resource aims to approach DSLs from a straightforward standpoint to teach the reader how to think about integrating DSLs in their daily work life.
book Duration 2h 29m book Authors By Pierluigi Riti


Modern Programming Made Easy: Using Java, Scala, Groovy, and JavaScript
Whether you're a student, a teacher, looking for a career change, or just a hobbyist, this concise book teaches you basic coding principles, including working with lists, sets, arrays, and maps; coding in the object-oriented style; and writing a web application.
book Duration 1h 12m book Authors By Adam L. Davis


Beginning Scala, Second Edition
Introducing you to the Scala programming language, its object-oriented and functional programming characteristics, this down-to-earth book guides you through Scala constructs and libraries that allow you to assemble small components into high-performance, scalable systems.
book Duration 3h 33m book Authors By David Pollak, Vishal Layka


A Beginner's Guide to Scala, Object Orientation and Functional Programming
Written for students and those actively involved in the software industry, this invaluable resource provides a practical introduction to object and functional technology using Scala, one of the newest and most interesting programming languages available.
book Duration 6h 34m book Authors By John Hunt



Functional Programming in Scala, Second Edition
This international bestseller has been revised with new exercises, annotations, and full coverage of Scala 3.
audiobook Duration 13h 12s audiobook Authors By Michael Pilquist, Paul Chiusano, Rúnar Bjarnason


Rating 5.0 of 1 users Rating 5.0 of 1 users (1)
Rating 5.0 of 1 users Rating 5.0 of 1 users (1)