SharePoint Server: SharePoint 2016 Expert
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Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful collaboration and file management tool. Discover all the aspects of SharePoint and its related technologies. 


Planning Installation

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    Why Install SharePoint?
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    Define a Physical Topology by Using MinRoles
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Planning Installation
No two installations of SharePoint 2016 look identical. Explore the planning and implementation of a SharePoint installation, considering topics such as topology, storage, app hosting models, and server requirements.
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Designing a Logical Architecture
A sharp admin will plan for an effective SharePoint 2016 installation based on multiple - and sometimes conflicting - needs. Explore the design of logical architecture for SharePoint, including building applications and site collections.
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Taxonomy & Managed Metadata Service (MMS)
Every organization has its own set of words that are used to define its data. Discover how to define your information architecture using the SharePoint 2016 managed metadata service.
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Search Management
With a correctly defined information architecture, SharePoint provides the tools needed to effectively navigate, filter, and search out data. Discover how to use search to find and manage your data.
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Farm & Web Application Security
A core mission of SharePoint farm administrators is to correctly secure the SharePoint environment. Discover how to secure SharePoint at the farm and application levels.
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