Skillsoft Security Innovation Cyber Range CMD+CTRL Bootcamp

Be sure to visit the event landing page that includes all of the details you'll need for event day including the Zoom link and event codes. "Are you Battle Tested? This learning simulation is the most fun you will ever have learning security skills. Security Innovation's CMD+CTRL platform is the industry's most authentic web application Cyber Range where players compete to find vulnerabilities, score points, and move up the leaderboard. Take your shot at stealing funds from another account, purchasing negative quantities and other nefarious acts. A kickoff presentation will provide an overview of gameplay, how to think like an attacker, and tips to get you started and scoring. Tips and Techniques Sessions throughout the event will provide insight into vulnerability root causes, exploitation, and mitigation tactics. Got a question? Experts will be readily available. Need to overcome difficult challenges? Use the cheat sheet, buy a hint or ask the instructor." Test you network here: This accelerated 2 day, 4 hours per day, boot camp will present 2 hacking challenges tp hone you cyber security skills 1) Shadow Bank Shadow Bank is the premier bank for people who love cryptocurrencies and hate those pesky minimum password requirements. Transfer money, request a loan, or buy and sell stocks and currencies. 2) Shred Shred is your one-stop shop for skateboards, spray paint, stencils and all the other trappings of hooliganism. Show off your best work in the graffiti gallery, or buy a gift card for the petty criminal in your life.


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