Slack: Slack 2020 intermediate
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Slack is an enterprise-strength messaging platform that provides instant collaboration for users. Discover Slack and its uses.


Signing in & Setting Up Slack 2020

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Creating, Finding & Sharing Information in Slack 2020

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Signing in & Setting Up Slack 2020
Slack is a supercharged collaboration platform that empowers organizations. Slack enables you to connect and communicate easily with your team. Before your start collaborating, you'll need to see how to sign in and get around the application. Once you've signed into Slack you can start updating your profile and account information. You can also invite workspace members and manage existing members within Slack.
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Using Channels in Slack 2020
Channels allow you to communicate with your team regarding specified topics. Channels can be public or private depending on the criteria defined by the channel creator. Once you join and create channels, you can start communicating and interacting with others. If you have channels with similar topics you can organize them into sections to easily access them from Slack's interface sidebar.
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Using Private Messaging & Communication Tools in Slack 2020
Slack breaks barriers and empowers organizations to communicate globally or privately. Explore Slack's private messaging. You can message individual users or create private chat groups. Slack also enables you to call and create conference calls to work with your team remotely.
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Creating, Finding & Sharing Information in Slack 2020
Slack's collaboration functionality extends well beyond text messaging. You can add apps to integrate services such as Google Drive, Twitter and RSS feeds to animate your channels. Slack also enables you to attach files, share items, create posts and code snippets. You can also use the search tool to quickly find the items you need. Additionally, you can interact further with your team by creating polls and workflows.
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Configuring Slack 2020
Slack is a great collaboration tool that you can configure to suit your needs. Slack gives you the tools and capacity to be more productive. Discover key features such as the personal assistant Slackbot and time saving slash commands. You can change the look and feel of Slack by modifying the theme and display. You can also manage app integrations and permissions to insure your information is safe.
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