Smartsheet - Supplemental Material

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This channel will provide you the full knowledge to use Smartsheet. First, you will learn how to use and configure a sheet, share and manage your files collaboratively with your teams via the web or mobile application. You will learn how to use basic conditional formatting formulas and rules. Smartsheet allows you to automate and track work processes in real time so everyone can be more productive. You will then learn how to easily collect and manage data and also how to automate workflows using alerts, reminders, requests for updates or approvals, etc. Finally, from managing multiple projects to providing visibility to executives, Smartsheet helps organisations work at scale. You'll learn how to use dashboards to centralise key information and display data in real time. You'll learn how to set up and track projects efficiently, and finally, you'll learn how to package your entire solution in a code-free WorkApp. Please note that this course material includes content gathered from external websites which may fall outside your company network. Please consult with your IT department policies with respect to any restrictions in viewing content from external websites.


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