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Whether it's Big Data, data warehousing or analysis, Teradata provides solutions for businesses. Come explore its technologies.


Introducing SELECT Statement Queries

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    Overview of SQL for Teradata
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    Overview of the Basic Teradata Query Utility
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Introducing SELECT Statement Queries
Teradata supports the use of ANSI SQL to query data housed in a database system, and with ANSI SQL, it supports Teradata extensions. Discover how to use the SELECT statement to perform queries.
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Working with Clauses, Operators, Expressions, & Aggregates
Learn how to work with clauses, operators, expressions, and aggregates in Teradata using ANSI SQL and Teradata extensions.
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Performing Joins
Introduce yourself to joins in Teradata! Discover how to use ANSI SQL and Teradata extensions to perform a number of different joins, including inner, outer, self, and cross joins.
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Performing Subqueries & Correlated Subqueries
A subquery is simply a query contained within another query. Discover how to use ANSI SQL and Teradata extensions to perform subqueries and correlated subqueries in Teradata.
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Working with Functions, Times, Dates, & Intervals
Teradata supports the use of functions, expressions, and operators to perform operations on data. Explore attribute, string, and analytical functions, as well as times, dates, and intervals in Teradata.
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Working with Data Conversions & SET Operations
You can use functions, expressions, and operators to perform operations on data in Teradata. Learn how to perform data conversions and computations, and use SET operators.
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Working with Data Definition Language (DDL)
Teradata supports the use of SQLs data definition language (DDL) to create, modify, and remove objects in a database. Work with DDL to create and alter databases, tables, indexes, triggers, and more.
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Working with DML, Optimization, & Temporal Concepts
Teradata supports the use of SQLs data manipulation language (DML) to retrieve, insert, update, and delete data in a database. Explore DDL and DML operations in a database or temporal tables.
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Relational Database & Data Warehouse Basics
Teradata provides a relational database system that offers various tools and utilities for management, administration, and querying. Explore the basics of Teradata including what a data warehouse is along with its architecture and design.
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Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
Teradata offers a high quality system using a parallel database architecture providing a "share nothing" architecture. Explore a relational database system and the hardware and software used by Teradata for the database architecture.
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Client Communication
As with any RDBMS the database needs to be secure and accessible. Teradata is no exception and requires workstation and mainframe access. Explore the workstation and mainframe attachment communication methods.
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