TIBCO Spotfire: beginner TIBCO Spotfire 7.6

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Explore Spotfire data visualization and analytics for enterprise-level big data insights.


Spotfire Basics

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Spotfire Basics
Spotfire provides a useful resource in working with business intelligence while providing users an easy way to deliver visualizations. Explore key data concepts, how to add data into Spotfire, and connecting to a database.
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Spotfire Visualizations & Relationships
Visualizations enhance data analysis efficiency in Spotfire. Examine the various visualizations available and how to work with each. Also, discover how to use relationships in Spotfire.
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Diving into the World of Spotfire
Spotfire brings more complexity to the business intelligence individual by providing many layers of visualization analytics. Discover how to add context and input controls to the Spotfire analysis.
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Automation, Analyzation, & Visualization
With Spotfire, it's possible to automate analytics without user interaction. Explore automation services, and dive deeper with analyzations and visualizations.
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More Visualization Techniques
Spotfire assists and provides an intuitive approach to deep data exploration. Discover the use of various annotations and colors to enrich analysis visuals, and discover concepts in map chart visualization.
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Data Combinations
Spotfire allows many combinations of disparate data sources without the need of custom scripting or any IT intervention. Explore those various data combinations and also look at exporting and publishing data visualizations.
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Spotfire allows front-end users and report developers access to its API using the IronPython programming language. Discover IronPython concepts, the Spotfire API, and the TERR language.
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Complex Visualizations & Analytics
Spotfire lets businesses make better decisions using data visualization and analytics software. Examine advanced visualization functionalities and self-service analytics.
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Advanced TIBCO Spotfire
Several other operations can be achieved with more complex Spotfire operations. Investigate further into the advanced areas of Spotfire, including additional clients and processes available.
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TIBCO Spotfire: A Comprehensive Primer
Taking you through increasingly advanced topics toward the goal of becoming a professional analytics solution provider, this book explains data and visualization concepts and follows through with practical examples, such as getting data into Spotfire and using its visualization features.
book Duration 3h 41m book Authors By Michael Phillips


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