UI/UX Design: Beginner

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Explore UI/UX Design, the design of user interfaces and interactive experiences for easier, more enjoyable websites, apps and software.


Introduction To UI/UX

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    User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design
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    Comparing UI and UX
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Introduction To UI/UX
User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design is a constantly evolving, required discipline in all domains of technology. Explore various modern concepts that can be used when designing apps to enhance a user's experience.
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Designing with Flexibility & Efficiency in Mind
As technology matures, several conventions emerge to allow for flexibility and efficiency in terms of user experience and security. Discover how to design apps that are secure and useable while being flexible and efficient.
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Exploring Chatbots
As messaging apps are getting more popular, businesses are opting for chatbots to reach a bigger market. Discover chatbots, how to use them to help your platform, and how to make them.
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Voice User Interfaces
Recently voice user interfaces (VUIs) have become more intelligent, which have made certain that they'll play a bigger role in our lives in the future. Explore VUIs, and learn how to design them.
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UI/UX for Chatbot & Voice Interface AIs
As chatbots and voice interfaces gain popularity, developers are starting to depend on AI systems to make them even more intelligent. Discover how to design a positive user experience when creating an AI.
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Wearable Technology & UI/UX
Wearable technology has been gaining a lot of popularity because of its simplicity and utility. Explore how UI/UX applies to wearable technology, and how to design Smartwatch apps.
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Internet of Things & UI/UX
With better Internet and cloud infrastructure, the world of technology has allowed for the rise of IoT, which now connects millions of devices together through the Internet. Discover how to apply UI/UX to IoT devices.
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Modular Design Frameworks: A Projects-based Guide for UI/UX Designers
Teaching you the basic principles of modular design, this detailed book will show you how to put them into action to create sites that are easy to use, look great, and can be adapted within the context of your business needs.
Book Duration 59m Book Authors By James Cabrera


Bottlenecks: Aligning UX Design with User Psychology
With examples, strategies, and high-stakes case studies, this book fills a need for entrepreneurs, designers, and marketing professionals in the application of foundational psychology to user-experience design.
Book Duration 4h 22m Book Authors By David C. Evans


Universal UX Design: Building Multicultural User Experience
With hands-on examples throughout, this practical guide teaches readers about international concerns on the development of a uniquely branded, yet culturally appealing, software end-product.
Book Duration 4h 27m Book Authors By Alberto Ferreira


Multiscreen UX Design: Developing for a Multitude of Devices
Offering a hands-on guide for UX design across multiple screens, this practical book provides strategies, examples and case studies, methodologies, and insights to help inspire you to develop a viable strategy for your own digital products and services.