Universal Windows Platform: Visual Studio 2017 intermediate

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Explore Universal Windows Platform (UWP), a Microsoft software platform that allows developers to build applications for Windows 10 devices.


Introducing UWP & Basic App Layouts

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Introducing UWP & Basic App Layouts
UWP provides many objects to build layouts that work on a variety of devices. Explore UWP, and the different types of layouts that can be used to make rich user interface designs.
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Adaptive App Design
UWP's specialty is being able to run the same app on many different platforms. Discover how to use adaptive UI and adaptive coding to make apps that maintain maximum functionality on multiple platforms.
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XAML App Controls
XAML provides many app controls that can be used to implement a variety of features. Discover how to use XAML app controls in UWP apps to add functionality.
12 videos | 44m has Assessment available Badge
App Navigation
Navigation between different parts of an app is crucial for development. Discover how to use several navigation patterns in a UWP app.
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Application Life Cycle
An app's life cycle is important to define functionality, and designing around different events can make features better and more responsive. Explore how to program around application life cycle events.
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Data Access & Binding in Apps
Apps often use various data sources to provide users with rich content and experiences. Discover how to use bindings to display various types of data in a UWP app.
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Using Mouse, Touch, & Keyboard Input
User input is crucial to app development in order to allow users to interact with the app. Discover how to use traditional input in a UWP app to create interactive features.
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Using Other Device Input Methods
On top of traditional methods, devices often provide many other types of input methods which can be used to create rich interactive user experiences. Discover how to use a variety of these input methods.
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Speech Input and Cortana
UWP provides easy access to speech APIs and Cortana, for use in creating voice interface features in UWP apps. Discover how to use the speech synthesizer, recognize speech, and implement Cortana features.
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App-to-app Communication and File Storage
Allowing apps to communicate with each other and store files makes it easy to expand their experience beyond the local view. Discover how to make an app communicate with other apps and how to manage file storage.
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Notifications with Toasts & Tiles
Users won't always be in an app to check for updates, so sending them notifications is important to keeping them up to date. Explore how to use different types of notifications for UWP.
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Background Tasks & Reusable Components
On top of built-in app functionality, UWP provides features to build background tasks, app services, and reusable components that can interact with an app outside of the app. Discover how to use these features.
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Authentication & Identity Management
Security is an important consideration for every app that relies on external data. UWP provides many features for authentication and identity management, which help with security. Discover how to use these features.
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Building Apps for the Universal Windows Platform: Explore Windows 10 Native, IoT, HoloLens, and Xamarin
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