Web Accessibility: beginner

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Discover how to remove barriers that may prevent people with disabilities from using the Web.


Introduction to Web Accessibility

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Introduction to Web Accessibility
Web accessibility is a must in today's world. Discover why web accessibility is important. Explore the types of disabilities that need to be addressed, as well as the different kinds of assistive technology.
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OSs, Regulations, & Laws
Accessibility on the web is subject to regulations and laws. Discover how OSs provide better accessibility, and explore regulatory compliance, the regulatory environment, and global accessibility laws.
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WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Standards
Explore WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0, WCAG design principles and guidelines, and how to participate in WCAG standards.
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Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG)
The Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) define how to create accessible tools and make more accessible content. Explore ATAG 2.0, authoring tool accessibility, accessible production, and ATAG implementation.
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HTML5 & Accessibility
HTML5 is the markup language that fuels the web and it's designed for accessibility. Explore HTML5's accessibility features, new HTML5 elements, media elements, and JavaScript.
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Accessibility & Design
Web accessibility means thoughtful and careful design. Explore JavaScript principles, accessibility in practice, design principles, and common design mechanisms.
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Approachable Accessibility: Planning for Success
Making the topic of web accessibility as approachable as possible, this book aims to help every web professional become an accessibility advocate at their companies, on their projects, and in their communities.
book Duration 1h 22m book Authors By Martine Dowden, Michael Dowden


Accessibility for Everyone
Guiding you through the accessibility landscape, this book will help you to understand disability and impairment challenges, get a handle on important laws and guidelines, and learn how to plan for, evaluate, and test accessible design.
book Duration 2h 8m book Authors By Laura Kalbag


Accessibility for Everybody: Understanding the Section 508 Accessibility Requirements
This book about accessibility will make the Section 508 requirements more accessible to the average developer. Included are Web sites, programming examples, sources of additional information, and other aids meant to make the job easier.
book Duration 9h 23m book Authors By John Mueller


Pro HTML5 Accessibility: Building an Inclusive Web
Aiming to be a useful ‘go-to' guide, providing practical advice, this step-by-step book covers how to use HTML5 in order to serve the needs of people with disabilities and older persons using assistive technology (AT).
book Duration 5h 37m book Authors By Joshue O Connor


The Windows 10 Accessibility Handbook: Supporting Windows Users with Special Visual, Auditory, Motor, and Cognitive Needs
Whether you are using it yourself, setting it up for another person, teaching others about ease of use at work or in the home, or working with a people with specific needs in the community, this book explains everything you need to know about making Windows 10 easier to use, see, hear, touch, or read.
book Duration 1h 23m book Authors By Mike Halsey


Web Accessibility for People with Disabilities
This is a great guide that shows you how and why to make your Web site accessible to people with disabilities.
book Duration 5h 26m book Authors By Michael G. Paciello


Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance
If you're concerned about the legal and moral implications of web accessibility, this vast guide demonstrates how to implement accessible websites using a combination of concise references and easy-to-follow examples.
book Duration 11h 58m book Authors By Jim Thatcher, et al.


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