Webex: Webex 2021 intermediate

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Explore Webex, the powerful business teleconferencing platform.


Exploring & setting up Webex 2021

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Sending & replying to messages in Webex 2021

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Exploring & setting up Webex 2021
Webex is a platform that combines conversations, meetings, notes, and file management. Discover how to find and get to know the Webex desktop application for Windows 10 and log in using your credentials. This course, recorded with Webex Version, will also give you an overview of the Webex interface and present all the tools available for communicating with your coworkers. For example, use the search bar to find the information you need. Next, learn how to customize your personal information by editing your profile, status visibility, and availability. Webex also allows users to customize the application settings by changing their notifications and device preferences. Lastly, if you don't have access to the desktop application, learn how to access and use Webex on a browser.
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Using teams & spaces in Webex 2021
Webex offers different tools to improve collaboration and communication for people working in the same team or on the same project. In this course, learn how to create and manage teams with Webex desktop Version for Windows 10. In Webex, a Team uses Spaces to organize the different topics or subjects within a project or workgroup efficiently. This feature allows the creation of smaller workgroups to focus on specific parts of a project. Discover how to create spaces, add members and manage their settings. Lastly, see how to use a space to start a conversation and mention one person or a group.
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Sending & replying to messages in Webex 2021
Webex allows you to create more than just messages by using different formatting tools to make your posts richer. In this course recorded with Webex desktop Version, learn how to make your content stand out more with bulleted and numbered lists and applying markdowns. You will also see how to illustrate messages with emojis and GIFs. Lastly, discover how to create threads, react to messages, as well as to manage messages and replies.
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Working with files & other items in Webex 2021
In Webex, you can share different kinds of content such as files, screenshots, and links in your spaces. In this course, recorded with Webex desktop Version, you are going to learn how to insert those kinds of elements into your messages to share them in your spaces. Discover how to manage sent items and remove them from a space. This course will also cover the creation and use of whiteboards that you can use to brainstorm ideas with your team.
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Using private messages & call tools in Webex 2021
As well as conversing in Webex teams & spaces, the application allows you to communicate privately with your colleagues. In this course, you are going to see how to send and manage direct messages. You are also going to see how to make audio and video calls as well as how to share contents and explore call features. Transforming a call into a meeting by inviting guests and exploring the Calling section are also key skills that will covered in the course, recorded with Webex desktop Version
9 videos | 28m has Assessment
Organizing & using meetings in Webex 2021
Webex provides a secure environment for business collaboration. In this course, recorded with Webex desktop Version, you are going to explore the Meetings view of the app as well the meeting interface itself. You are also going to see how to schedule and create meetings, as well as respond to meeting invitations and how to join them. The course will also show you how to work with Microsoft 365 and Webex to enrich your experience and improve your workflow.
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