WebLOAD: WebLOAD 10.3.1 beginner

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Discover WebLOAD, an invaluable tool for testing the performance of web applications.


Working with WebLOAD

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Working with WebLOAD
WebLOAD is a load testing tool that can be used to test performance and scalability. During this course, you will explore features that enable successful testing, monitoring, and correlation. Topics in the course include recording, script debugging, parameterization, correlation, test load scenarios and test data collection. Other subjects include customizing and predefining a dashboard, actionable intelligence, application performance management (APM), server monitoring, and root-cause analysis. As you progress, you then learn how to identify WebLOAD's supported web protocols and technologies, including HTML5, SOAP, JSON, Angular, and many others. As a review exercise, you will use WebLOAD to configure a report template, generate a PDF report, list dashboard features, use predefined dashboards for an analysis, and customize a dashboard.
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Testing with WebLOAD
WebLOAD provides load testing solutions for a multitude of environments. In this course, you will learn how to create mobile test scripts, and execute mobile load tests for variety of browsers, devices, and capabilities. Examine how to perform mobile device load tests with the PerfectoMobile app. Learn how to run performance tests from the cloud. See how to run website load tests and Java load tests. Study techniques to analyze Java server performance data to identify and resolve bottlenecks. Extend built-in functionality through embedded code. Performance-test .NET applications and finally, use specialized report and analytics features to identify .NET issues.
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Implementing WebLOAD Solutions
WebLOAD offers various solutions to load test websites, Java, and .NET. During this course, you will explore these techniques, as well as other solutions such as CRM, ERP, Selenium, and Ellucian. You'll start by learning to use WebLOAD's built-in features to connect to SQL Server and perform database commands. Next, perform load tests and reports on SQL Server. From there you will learn how to use built-in features, such as FTP and TCPIP, and conduct SOAP load tests. Other topics include the following: how to operate built-in commands, such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS; how to use scripts and the WebLOAD API; how to run and analyze Selenium scripts, and continuous integration (CI) performance tests. Connect to MS Access via the JET Engine. Use WEBLoad for Ellucian to test campus management platforms. Finally, as a review, you will learn how to implement WebLOAD solutions.
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