Windows Virtualization: Windows 8.1 Intermediate

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Virtualization has changed the way we do computing. Explore Windows virtualization, its related technologies, and how you can leverage it.


App Virtualization & MAP Toolkit

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    Microsoft Virtualization Technologies
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    Benefits of Application Virtualization
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App Virtualization & MAP Toolkit
To implement a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, the current environment and client requirements need to be assessed. Learn how the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) toolkit can be used to achieve this goal.
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Installing App-V Server
The App-V platform lets you deploy applications in real-time to any client from a virtual application server. Here we cover how to install and configure the App-V server components.
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Create & Deploy Application Packages
The App-V desktop client lets virtualized applications run on a local computer. Learn how to create and deploy application packages to the clients using the App-V Sequencer.
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App-V Client & Connection Groups
You need to install the App-V desktop client on all computers requiring access to virtualized applications published using App-V. Discover how to install, configure, and use the App-V client and connection groups.
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Deploying Office 2013 with App-V
Many companies today use Microsoft Office in their day-to-day operations. Learn how to create & deploy Office 2013 App-V packages for use on computers with the App-V desktop client installed.
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VDI Infrastructure
The Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server role in Windows Server 2012 R2 provides a fault-tolerant and scalable RDS deployment. Here we discuss RDS architecture and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployment scenarios.
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VM-based RDS
VM-based desktops allow clients to connect to a full Windows desktop as either a pooled or personal virtual desktop. Here we demonstrate how to plan, install, and configure VM-based virtual desktop deployments.
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Session-based RDS
Session-based desktop deployments allow clients to access applications from their desktops as if they were installed locally. Here we demonstrate how to plan, install, and configure session-based virtual desktop deployments.
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RemoteApp can be used within Remote Desktop Service deployments to publish programs to clients as if they were installed locally. Here we demonstrate how to create, configure, deploy, and manage remote applications.
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Planning for Resilient Virtualized Apps
Availability must be considered when planning a VDI environment. Here we look at how to plan and implement a highly available VDI solution to ensure clients can always access their virtualized enterprise desktops and applications.
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