Skillsoft Content Integrations

Using the Skillsoft platform in conjunction with your LMS, administrators can select, deploy, curate, and manage the Skillsoft library, providing coverage for the various skills needs, learning programs, and initiatives across your organization.


Skillsoft offers several tailored integrations that drive engagement for a growing list of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) — including Cornerstone OnDemand, Degreed, Saba, SuccessFactors, SumTotal, Microsoft Viva Learning, 360Learning, Moodle and Workday. But what about vendors not included on that list?

Even though Skillsoft does not have a dedicated integration for your Learning Management System (LMS), we can still provide a great content experience for your learners and administrators. Your people can find, consume, and learn from Skillsoft’s expansive digital library of courses, videos, and books.


  • Learners choose their preferred method of learning by selecting courses, videos, books, audio, and more from Skillsoft’s comprehensive library of multi-modal content.
  • Administrators can deploy and curate Skillsoft content using all of the tools available in your LMS, making assets available in browse, search, learning programs, and more.
  • Track usage and completion for courses and videos.
  • Track usage and completion for books and audiobooks.
  • Monitor your learners’ progress to identify trends and refine programs accordingly.
  • Spend less time—and potentially eliminate—content swapping with in-line content updates.
  • Find and deploy content efficiently using a rules-based content selection tool.
  • Identify new content available for deployment with automated notifications.
  • Receive alerts 90 days in advance of content leaving the Skillsoft library, allowing you to plan accordingly.
  • Deploy our compliance content once and let our in-line content updates ensure you always have the latest version of our courses.
  • Configure each course to deliver the messaging, policies, and attestations you need to protect your people and your organization.
  • Content management
  • Content launch and consumption
  • Tracking learning activity and completion


Our content integration solution utilizes eLearning standards such as AICC to ensure the best possible compatibility with a range of Learning Management Systems (LMS). Wrapped around these standards are a set of tools and technologies that simplify the administrative effort and ensure a great content experience for learners.

These tools focus on three core aspects of LMS/content deployment: content management, content launch and consumption, and tracking learning activity and completion.


To support you in managing Skillsoft’s expansive digital library of courses, videos, books, and more, we provide several administrative tools for the content management workflow: select, deploy, curate, and maintain.

Using our content selection tool, you can choose content by collection, topic, language, or type. You can even select individual learning assets. For non-Compliance content, these selections can be saved as rules so that in the future, you can quickly find new content matching your criteria. Once selected, you can retrieve content packages for selected content items via download or SFTP. For LMSs that support automatic or bulk loading of packages, we provide them in a single zip file or enable individual deployment using the tools available in your LMS. Content details are made available in the packages, as well as in extended metadata files for systems that support more than the capabilities of the eLearning standards.

Once in the LMS, content can be curated using all the tools available to you from your LMS. Content updates are fully automated, occurring in-line and dramatically reducing the administrative effort required to swap old content for new in assignments and learning programs. Finally, notifications of content changes—excluding Compliance content items—are provided to administrators so that they can quickly react to new and retiring assets.


Providing a seamless transition between LMS and content is key to an engaging learning experience. The eLearning standards we use provide support for this experience and enable learners to quickly access content without common friction points, such as login. Users benefit from the same modern content player available through Skillsoft Percipio, our newest learning platform.


Measuring the success of your learning programs requires accurate data. Tracking learning completions is a core part of the integration and the reason why we use eLearning standards. Wherever possible, Skillsoft content offers active tracking of completions, assessment scores, and duration. Today, this includes courses, videos, books, and audiobooks. We also capture learner activity data as a backup if you ever need it.

Learn more about the technical details of the integration, including implementation activities, in our Product Knowledge Base.

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