Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Skillsoft allows for a personalized, time-efficient way to keep up to date on trends allowing Data Analysts, Wranglers, Scientists and ML Programmers alike to open up new opportunities for advancement and gain the knowledge to utilize technology in novel ways that stand out in the data community.

Skillsoft Digital Badges are visual, verifiable, and portable records of accomplishment that enable you to build a virtual profile of your knowledge and growth—one that is always accessible and yours to keep.

Topic Coverage:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Hadoop
  • Hive
  • Deep Learning with Keras
  • Applied AI with Python
  • AI Development Frameworks
  • Fundamentals of HCI
  • Spark
  • MongoDB
  • Data Lakes
  • Governance
  • Neural Neworks
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Deploying ML/DL in the Enterprise
  • Microsoft CTNK
  • Amazon ML
  • APIs for AI Solutions
  • + More

Features Include:

  • Video Courses
  • Practice Labs
  • Assessments & Final Exams
  • Market-leading books & audiobooks
  • Live Chat with Industry Experts
  • Business & Leadership Skills Courses
  • ELSA: Browser-based extension
  • Mobile App & Offline Access

Preview Course Samples:

Future Ready Skills

Clear Path to Mastery

Hands-On Practice

Road to Leadership

Grow Your Career:

Discover new methods to quickly utilize and interpret data in creative, innovative ways with Aspire Journeys state of the art, progressive paths across all major data, machine learning and artificial intelligence roles.

Data Analyst to Data Scientist


This journey will first provide a foundation of data architecture, statistics, and data analysis programming skills using Python and R which will be the first step in acquiring the knowledge to transition away from using disparate and legacy data sources. You will then learn to wrangle the data using Python and R and integrate that data with Spark and Hadoop. Next you will learn how to operationalize and scale data while considering compliance and governance. To complete the journey, you will then learn how take that data and visualize it, to inform smart business decisions.



Machine Learning Programmer to Machine Learning Architect


Machine Learning Architects interpret real-time analysis of data to automate and increase efficiency across all business domains, setting the stage for meaningful AI that moves from reactive to predictive. This Journey will guide you in the transition from becoming a DL Programmer to a ML/DL Architect



AI Apprentice to AI Architect


Coming Soon


Advance your Skills:

Building Intelligent Apps With Azure Cognitive Services

Get a taste of the expertise available in our courses with Jeff Prosise from Wintellect, one of Skillsoft’s key content partners.

Scale Across Your Organization:


Evaluate your team’s competencies and fill Data Scientist, ML Programmer, AI Architect roles and more with intelligently designed, role-based learning paths called Aspire Journeys. Provide high-potential data professionals with a path for advancement and build bench strength of high skilled data experts to keep pace with high turnover.


Utilize knowledge to drive innovation. Keep your team ahead of advancements in Machine Learning and AI by reducing friction for employees to learn new skills, trends and best practices. Take control of your learning experience with site branding capabilities, custom channels, or by curating content from any source into Percipio’s existing library.


Track progress to goals, show consumption, and calculate the value to the organization with out-of-the-box reporting.

Delivering on Data Science and AI for Competitive Edge

This white paper explores the rise of data science roles, the need for organizations to innovate through machine learning, and effective methods to attract and develop top talent poised to take on these complex roles.

5 Ways to Maximize Data-Driven Insight

Many organizations are collecting massive pools of data in the hopes of becoming more data-driven. Businesses need the right people and processes in place to realize the full potential of data effectively. Here are 5 strategies for getting the most out of your data.

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