DevOps Core Concepts: DevOps Beginner

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DevOps can help organizations achieve faster, better software delivery services. Explore the DevOps fundamentals.


DevOps Agile Development: Agile Processes for DevOps

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    DevOps Principle of Flow Feedback and Learning
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DevOps Agile Development: Agile Processes for DevOps
Discover how to apply the lean development, Agile, Design Thinking, Greenfield and Brownfield DevOps processes to build and implement DevOps workflows and transformations in this 12-video course. Explore the DevOps principles for modular design and microservices and how to implement Kanban workflows using Jira. Key concepts covered in this course include DevOps principles of flow, feedback, and continuous learning; the need for DevOps cultural transformation for productive team collaboration; and the lean software development process and the use of Kanban and Scrum Agile implementation practices. Next, learn to recognize the process of initiating DevOps; transformation with focus on Greenfield and Brownfield DevOps projects; and the approaches of Value Stream mapping, building a DevOps transformation team, and integrating Ops into Dev. Then, examine the approach of designing DevOps strategies that enumerate plans from transformation to implementation; learn to build Kanban workflow to illustrate the entire process of transformation to the DevOps culture; and learn design thinking approaches that can complement DevOps design practices and the principles, characteristics, and benefits of microservices.
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DevOps Agile Development: DevOps Methodologies for Developers
Discover how to implement source code management, continuous code build by using Maven and MSBuild, and automate functional and load testing in this 13-video course. Explore adopting deployment strategies and implement continuous deployment (CD) with various open-source tools, and apply continuous monitoring, and building infrastructure as code using Puppet. Key concepts covered here include steps and risks involved in implementing continuous integration (CI) workflow that can be mitigated with CI; how to version and control source codes using Git; and how to implement continuous build using Maven and MSBuild. Next, learn how to implement automated testing from the perspective of functional and load testing; describe the process of implementing CD with focus on deployment strategies like Blue/Green and Rolling Upgrade; and set up end-to-end continuous delivery pipelines and implementations using open-source DevOps tools. Then explore implement infrastructure as code using Puppet to automate infrastructure deployment and configuration management; steps involved in implementing CI workflow; and prominent frameworks and tools that can be used to implement infrastructure as code, and implement infrastructure as code using Puppet.
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DevOps Smart Failure: Fail Fast & DevOps
Explore the concept of fail fast in DevOps and software development, how to prevent failure, and the scenarios of adopting fail fast systems in this 13-video course. Discover how to set up fail fast development and operations environment, set up Jenkins pipelines for fail fast management, and enforce fail fast in Maven. Key concepts covered here include adoption approaches for failure prevention and the fail fast approach; fail fast as a DevOps principle and the role of feedback cycle; the essential principles driving the Agile manifesto and Agile fail fast; and implementation of the fail fast principle from the perspective of test-driven development and continuous integration. Then learn about implementing Jenkins to enforce fail fast in Maven; how to set up Jenkins pipelines for fail fast management; and study design methodology and enable continuous improvement. Finally, examine scenarios and circumstances leading to adoption of the fail fast approach; specify software development techniques that can be used to build software to fail fast; and set up Jenkins pipeline for fail fast management.
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DevOps Security Considerations: Securing DevOps Pipeline
In this 11-video course, learners can explore policy requirements and guidelines setting implementation standards for security requirements specified in the baseline IT security policy, and the role, approaches, and tools needed to implement and apply security in DevOps. Other key topics covered here include essential components for building logging and auditing pipelines; steps involved in implementing mature DevOps security model; and demonstrating how to control and manage permissions granted to user in GitHub (a Git repository hosting company) and Docker Hub. You will learn essential security features of Jenkins that will secure continuous build pipelines, along with the role of security in DevOps workflow, for continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) implementation. Next, learn how to implement continuous security in DevOps pipelines. You will explore the need for test-driven security in applications, infrastructure and automated DevOps pipelines, along with components used to build logging and auditing pipelines. Finally, discover how to control permissions in GitHub and how to manage permissions in Docker Hub, along with the security features of Jenkins.
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DevOps Security Considerations: DevSecOps Principles
Explore core concepts, benefits, and different phases of DevSecOps in this 11-video course, which compares DevOps with DevSecOps. In this course, learners will explore the prominent DevSecOps tools that are used to integrate security throughout the DevOps pipeline and illustrate the DevSecOps maturity model. Watch demonstrations of how to integrate security and testing into DevSecOps environment. Learn how to secure Jenkins secrets to store and manage credentials; to use Jenkins OAuth plugin to securely pull from GitHub (a Git repository hosting company); and to use pen test tool to conduct penetration testing on deployed applications. Explore the prominent categories of tools provided by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) to secure applications. OWASP comes with Top 10 Issue Ruleset, and provides proper guidelines to ensure that those issues are taken care of when applications are written. Other key topics include Jenkins credentials, Static Application Security Testing (SAST), and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST).
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DevOps Continuous Testing: Testing Approaches
This course explores DevOps, the practice of operations and development used by engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle. Learners will examine the Agile environment, where development takes an incremental approach to design and testing. You will explore differences between continuous testing and automation testing, the disadvantages of late testing, and common causes of technical debt. This course will examine tools used in continuous testing, including Katalon Studio, Selenium, Appium, Eggplant, and Testsigma. You will work with BDD (Behavior Driven Development), a test-first Agile testing practice, and learn its benefits for programs and release management. Next, learn about unit testing, the tools to use, and how to implement it. You will examine technical debt, the debt owed to the code to become quality code, and its main causes. Then you will learn to test Web Services and the reason for integration testing. Finally, you will learn to implement unit testing on Java by using its JUnit framework, and how to test REST (representational state transfer) web services by using the SoapUI protocol.
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Development Approaches
Examine the important fundamentals of a DevOps-structured organization, including infrastructure operations and multiple software development approaches.
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DevOps Continuous Testing: Testing Methodologies
Explore the approaches and steps for performing system testing, a process of testing an integrated hardware and software system in this course, where learners will study prominent project management methodologies, and the reasons behind them, as well as processes for conducting user acceptance testing. This 12-video course examines automated testing in DevOps, the practice where operations and development engineers pa