Security Solutions

Build a culture of continual learning so you and your team can stay ahead of emerging threats, learn to utilize new tech, and implement best practices for keeping systems secure. Skillsoft Tech and Dev is the only solution to provide the breadth of security training, prescriptive learning journeys, and certifications an Enterprise needs, along with expert guidance on working with other facets of your business to help the organization grow and take healthy risks.

Skillsoft Digital Badges are visual, verifiable, and portable records of accomplishment that enable you to build a virtual profile of your knowledge and growth—one that is always accessible and yours to keep.

Topic Coverage:

  • (ISC)2, CompTIA, Cisco and more Certifications
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cryptography
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Information Security Operations
  • Information Systems Auditing
  • Mobile Security Administration
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Core Concepts
  • Cisco Security
  • Data Security
  • Secure Programming
  • Cloud Security
  • AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Quantum Computing (MITxPro)
  • IoT Security
  • Application Security
  • IT Security
  • + More

Features Include:

  • Live Bootcamp Classes
  • Video Courses
  • Practice Labs
  • Assessments & Final Exams
  • Market-leading books & audiobooks
  • Live Chat with Industry Experts
  • Business & Leadership Skills Courses
  • ELSA: Browser-based extension
  • Mobile App & Offline Access

Preview Course Samples:

Future Ready Skills

Clear Path to Mastery

Hands-On Practice

Road to Leadership

Grow Your Career:

Grow in the organization with a clear path to discover new methods to engage employees, help your organization take healthy risks and stay ahead of emerging threats with Aspire Journeys’ state of the art, progressive paths across in demand security roles.

Security Analyst to Security Architect


Most network administrators will have a clear understanding of how to prevent and mitigate risks associated with traditional threats, but they may need to gain hands-on experience in securing against new cybersecurity threats such as cryptojacking and IoT. Grow knowledge around key concepts of APT defenses, NACs & gateways, working with subnetting, DNS & protocols. Understand rules of engagement, the benefits of ethical hacking, intelligent orchestration, regulatory mandates, and more.



Programmer to Secure Agile Programmer


Every organization is looking to optimize their processes, as well as securing themselves from ever growing threats. As a result, there is an increasing demand for Secure Agile Programmers who have the relevant training and experience in Agile methodologies that relate to not only software development but to secure programming.

In order to ensure compliance with security regulations, Aspire Journeys could be introduced to development teams to grow an understanding of the techniques and methods to secure programs in an agile way.



Penetration Tester to SecOps Engineer


The primary goal of SecOps is to reduce process inefficiencies of traditional enterprise security and operations teams by making them share accountability, processes, tools, and information, which leads to improved security and operational performance. Reduce time and risk with SecOps Engineers that help through automation, testing, and CI/CD in a secure architecture. Move from testing and hardening ports to best practices in monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of that hardening. Implement rules of engagement and practice ethical hacking and then bring it all together through automation.

The Penetration Tester to SecOps Engineer Journey will upskill IT department workers to move from a smaller scale testing role to a SecOps Engineer who has a broader view of security across the organization.


Network Security Specialist to CloudOps Security Architect


Coming Soon


Advance your Skills:

Cybersecurity: Finding Balance with Everything Else

When discussing Cybersecurity, the pros and cons of what’s right versus what’s needed can be a delicate balance. It has many factors – weighing on the outcome, protection of sensitive data or usability, locking it down or opening it up, trusting or not trusting. Watch this webinar on-demand to gain more insights.

Scale Across Your Organization:


Take advantage of intelligently designed, role-based learning paths to routinely fill security roles that require new skills and competencies. Aspire Journeys provide high-potential security professionals with a path for advancement and keep your organization prepared to take on new challenges.


Be confident in your team’s ability to adapt. Provide a solution for security professionals to learn new skills, trends and best practices on-demand, so you and your team can be flexible enough to adapt to emerging threats and advances in technology. Take control of your learning experience with site branding capabilities, custom channels, or by curating content from any source into Percipio’s existing library.


Track progress to goals, show consumption, and calculate the value to the organization with out-of-the-box reporting.

The Secret Sauce for Implementing Blockchain: Your Own People

Blockchain is streamlining businesses today with improved efficiency of supply chain management, increased security of contracts, and greater transparency into business operations and production. Download the white paper today to learn how to prepare your teams to handle this disruptive technology.

The Bedrock of IT Security Starts with Training

This white paper outlines the many training initiatives that organizations can pursue to improve security.

As the leader in corporate learning, Skillsoft works with many content providers to satisfy a variety of training needs to our customers.