Global Workplace Safety Training Essentials

A scalable orientation program for global workplace safety compliance training

Support safety training around the world with a consistent, cost-effective global approach

Skillsoft’s global safety essentials collection is geared for the Global learner – all region specific information has been removed and the courses are tailored to safety best practices.

Whether selecting the correct personal protective equipment gear or understanding ergonomics, the Global Workplace Safety Orientation program ensures employees at all levels of the organization, across any location, will be trained and prepared to meet the risks relevant to their work environment.

At Skillsoft, we design content to maximize comprehension, taking into account global language considerations and varying computer literacy levels. Each course provides audio narrations to support learners who have a lower reading proficiency, are auditory leaners, or where English is a second language.

With our training, employers can protect employees against common workplace hazards by improving their awareness of potential risks and testing the application of knowledge around the critical hazards and risk threatening their health and safe.


  • Select and order key risk areas, with annual reconfiguration
  • Integrate an introductory video message from an executive or other stakeholder
  • Incorporate company safety and health mission and vision statement and corporate safety and health policy
  • Address key risk areas relevant to hazards your employees are exposed to in their work environment
  • Access on desktop and tablets
  • Translate easily into the languages your employees speak

Global Workplace Safety Training Highlights

  • Support in a number of languages around the globe
  • Back Safety and Injury Prevention Safety Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness Safety Training
  • Fire Safety and Prevention Training
  • Hazard Communication Safety Training
  • Hearing Conservation Safety Training
  • Lockout/Tagout Safety Training
  • Office Ergonomics Training
  • Chemical Safety Training
  • Electrical Safety Training
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training
  • Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention Training

Allowing Safety Reporting to Improve Your Safety Culture

Achieving and maintaining a culture of accurate injury reporting in the workplace can be challenging. Join Paul Hart, Director of Health & Safety Services for CTEH as he reviews workplace success and discusses the things you can do to help, or hurt, this effort.

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