Application Creation

Sencha Ext JS 4.2.1    |    Beginner
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Sencha Ext JS is a pure JavaScript application development framework for developing interactive applications for the web. Explore developing a simple app using the Model View Controller architecture and the features of Ext JS.


  • download the free, open source version of Sencha Ext JS
    download the Sencha command tool
    use Command Prompt to start the Sencha Cmd web server, before accessing the web server in a web browser to verify that it is working
    run Sencha Cmd's generate app command and edit the initial code so a new application can be created
    replace the default contents of app.js with a call to the Ext.define() method, define global application settings, and create a bootstrap using the launch function
    restart the Sencha Cmd web server and access an application in the browser
    create and instantiate a simple class in Ext JS
    create a simple class using the config property
    run custom logic using the apply method that the config property automatically generates
  • use the statics keyword to create instances of a class that can be called directly
    describe the uses of the folders, subfolders, and files that are automatically generated when an application is created in Sencha
    create an app.js file to define a new application
    create and define the Controller for a new application
    use a Controller's control function to add an appropriate handler to a specific event
    define a view to extend the list class, which creates a grid, and also demonstrates passing appropriate data to the grid
    add a view referenced by name to a Controller's views property, and render the view in the main viewport
    find a specific element on a page and respond to a user action on that element
    use the edit class and add an editing view to the Controller to allow records to be added by the user



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