ASP.NET Core Fundamentals

ASP.NET    |    Beginner
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Out of the box, ASP.NET Core comes with an interesting set of services that you can make use of in your applications. In this course, you'll explore some of the core services that are available out of the box in ASP.NET Core and various configuration options. Then you'll learn about leveraging dependency injection support, defining custom environments, various logging options, how to configure logging, working with data in .NET applications, and the Entity Framework, Finally, you'll explore various options for seeding a database, querying and manipulating data, working with the front-end user experience, bundling and minifying JavaScript and CSS files, script and link tag helpers, TypeScript, and LESS. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • discuss some of the core services in the ASP.NET Core framework
    describe how to leverage dependency injection to inject services into applications
    discuss how to navigate environments in ASP.NET Core
    describe support for configurations in ASP.NET
    discuss how to explore the configuration system in ASP.NET core
    describe logging frameworks and logging support in ASP.NET
    discuss how to how to leverage logging inside the components of an ASP.NET Core web application
    describe options for working with data in ASP.NET
    discuss the initial steps needed to get set up with the Entity framework and how to create a DbContext
    demonstrate how to use the public method called Seed to add initial data to a database
  • discuss mapping models and mapping support in the Entity Framework
    describe how to query data using the Entity Framework
    discuss how to use the Entity framework and ASP.NET Core to implement a simple edit form
    describe various tools and methods for enhancing the front end of an application
    demonstrate how to bundle a minification of front-end assets to reduce browser payload size
    describe the purpose and benefits of script and link tag helpers in ASP.NET Core
    discuss the purpose and features of TypeScript
    describe TypeScript support in Visual Studio 2017
    describe LESS and how to work with it in Visual Studio 2017



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