ASP.NET Introduction

ASP.NET    |    Beginner
  • 15 Videos | 1h 21s
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Development tools evolve with the web. Keeping that in mind, the ASP.NET team at Microsoft took time to review the state of web development to see if they could make better tools to meet modern day challenges. In this course, you'll explore the ASP.NET Core framework, tooling, and building web applications. You'll learn about templates and project types, and core concepts such as configuration, dependency injection, routing, and middleware. Then you'll discover the request/response pipeline as a collection of built-in middleware and how to create custom middleware. Finally, you'll explore the MVC programming model on top of ASP.NET Core and how it promotes clean separation of code, decoupling of view templates, and highly testable code. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • describe the ASP.NET framework
    discuss the differences between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core
    demonstrate how to create a Visual Studio project
    demonstrate how to create a project using the command line
    describe how to view project content for a new Visual Studio project
    describe middleware and discuss its role
    discuss built-in middleware included with ASP.NET Core
    describe how to use Map and MapWhen to create middleware pipelines
  • demonstrate how to create custom middleware for ASP.NET Core
    describe MVC in ASP.NET Core
    discuss views and using the Razor View Engine
    demonstrate how to add a controller that can be used for ASP.NET Core MVC applications
    discuss tag helpers and how to use them to create an HTML form
    describe the purpose of reusable view components in ASP.NET Core and how they're created
    describe how to create a simple API in ASP.NET Core



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