Best Practices for the SRE: Use Cases for Automation

SRE    |    Intermediate
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Site Reliability Engineers often use automation and orchestration capabilities to scale security and performance, ensuring sites are reliable and efficient. In this course, you'll learn about common use cases for automating systems and processes. You'll examine PowerShell capabilities that can be used to automate a variety of Windows administrative tasks including user creation, patching and updating, bulk enrollment, and software installations. Lastly, you'll learn about cluster turnup automation, reliability, and enabling failure at scale.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    recognize how to use PowerShell for automation tasks in Windows
    recognize how to automate Active Directory user creation and user provisioning
    recognize how to automate tasks such as patching and Windows updating
    list Windows features that can automate aspects of software rollouts such as Windows Deployment Services and Volume Activation Management Tool
    provide an overview of setting up a bulk enrollment of devices to be managed by mobile device management
    list common Google SRE use cases for automation
    provide an overview of automation classes and describe the path the evolution of automation follows
  • recognize the advantages and considerations when automating all the things
    list the benefits of applying automation to cluster turnups
    recognize how to possibly detect and resolve automation issues that relate to cluster turnups
    describe how automation processes can vary and how there can be an inclination to specialize
    recognize why reliability is the fundamental feature of automation
    provide an overview of automation with respect to enabling failure at scale and recognize possible troubleshooting and backup strategy considerations should automation fail
    recognize steps to measure the success or failure of automation
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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