Big Data Concepts: Big Data Essentials

Big Data 2021    |    Beginner
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Big data analytics, collecting vast amounts of data and transforming it into insights, drives major business decisions everywhere. Managers, decision-makers, data technicians, and data enthusiasts alike benefit from knowing how various systems and technologies are used in big data projects. Use this course to progress from a foundational comprehension of big data analytics to grasping more advanced concepts, like parallel and distributed computing systems and horizontal and vertical scaling. Take an in-depth look at Hadoop's main components and characteristics and how it's used for big data analytics. Then, delve into the various kinds of storage systems used in big data. Upon completing this course, you'll have a greater comprehension of the tools and methods used to execute big data projects.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    describe how to add structure to raw data and name big data tools that aid this process
    describe the difference between data warehousing and big data and specify the impact that big data has had on data warehousing
    compare and contrast parallel and distributed computing systems
    describe the difference between horizontal and vertical scaling and specify why horizontal scaling is the best choice with respect to big data
    describe the Hadoop system and name its main features, benefits, and use cases
  • describe the subcomponents of Hadoop, such as MapReduce and HDFS
    specify the importance of migrating from Hadoop to modern data platforms and briefly describe the migration process
    compare the functionality and use cases of Hadoop and cloud computing platforms
    name and describe the features of Hadoop HDFS and identify common in-memory storage systems including Kudu, Elasticsearch, and CockroachDB
    describe in-memory storage systems and their use cases and advantages using examples
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 1m 40s
  • 3m 22s
    In this video, you'll learn about the types of unstructured data organizations accumulate and how to process and store it for business advantages. You'll discover that without data management strategies and guidance, companies run the risk of not capitalizing on their unstructured data. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Data Warehousing and Big Data
    3m 40s
    In this video, you'll learn the main differences between Big Data and data warehousing and the impact that Big Data has had on data warehousing methods and practices. The differences between Big Data and data warehousing are as follows. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Big Data Computing Systems
    2m 19s
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    5.  Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
    2m 46s
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    6.  Features, Benefits, and Use Cases of Hadoop
    4m 17s
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    7.  Hadoop: Components
    6m 12s
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    8.  Hadoop: Migration to the Cloud
    2m 50s
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    9.  Hadoop and Cloud Computing
    3m 3s
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    10.  Features of Big Data Storage Systems
    6m 44s
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    11.  In-memory Storage Systems
    3m 7s
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    12.  Course Summary


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