Browsing documents in Word 365

Word Microsoft 365 (2021)    |    Beginner
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Word 365 tools allow users to perform multiple tasks, as reading, editing and reviewing documents. In this course, you will learn how to navigate in a Word document by using the scroll bar and other navigation shortcuts. Next, you will discover how to use the different views and modes options to display documents. You will also learn how to focus on reading text, a web view, and views for planning and drafting. Finally, this course examines how to use the Navigation pane to move through a document and to jump to specific headings or pages. In order to practice, you will find the video samples in the Resources section.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this browsing documents in word 365 course
    Quickly browse through a document
    Adjust the zoom levels
    Identify the different view modes
  • Use the read mode
    Use the read aloud and immersive reader tools
    Use the navigation pane
    Navigate multiple documents


  • 44s
    This video outlines the key concepts covered in Browsing documents in Word 365 including using the zoom function, working with reading and editing tools, and using the Navigation pane. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 24s
    The more pages your document contains, the longer it will take for you to move through your document. Word offers a number of different methods for navigating within your document. As well as manually scrolling, there are a number of shortcuts for speeding up your navigation. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using the zoom function
    3m 59s
    Word's zoom function allows you to adapt the page size to suit the task at hand. In Word, there are a number of different ways of adjusting the zoom levels in your document. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using the different view modes
    5m 50s
    Word features a number of different view modes, each one suited to a different task or set of tasks. For example, if you are reading through your document, the reading mode is useful. It is important to know how to change your view mode and what each one is useful for. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Reading a document
    3m 55s
    Word features a Read Mode that can be very useful if you want to read your document on screen, with a limited interface. Once the read mode is active, you can browse your document's contents and use a number of specialist tools. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Working with reading tools
    5m 11s
    You now have the possibility of easily reading your documents with the Immersive tool and listening to your documents with the Read Aloud tool. In this video, you will learn how to find the tools and read part or all of your document. You can also modify the view of the document and adjust the speed and voice of the reader. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using the Navigation pane
    4m 17s
    The navigation pane can help you browse and navigate through your Word document more easily. Learn how to browse a document formatted with titles and headings, as well as to see miniatures of all pages. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Working on multiple documents
    5m 41s
    If you have multiple Word documents open, it can become difficult to navigate effectively and efficiently between them. Word offers a number of different functions that can help you to manage all your open documents. For example, you can choose to display two documents side by side, or split your document into different sections. FREE ACCESS


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