Browsing the Web in Edge

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Edge is Microsoft's web browser, introduced in Windows 10. Discover Edge and its web surfing ability.


  • access websites using Microsoft Edge
    browse the web using Microsoft Edge
    browse the web using multiple windows in Microsoft Edge
    use tabs to browse the web in Microsoft Edge
    customize tab settings in Microsoft Edge
    set aside and restore tabs in Microsoft Edge
    download files from the web in Microsoft Edge
    download and read e-Pub books in Microsoft Edge
    search within the content of e-Pub books
  • use Microsoft Edge to open and read PDF files
    search within PDF files in Microsoft Edge
    use the InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge
    add notes, comments and other annotations to a web page
    use keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Edge
    browse the web with keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Edge
    use Reading View to view web pages
    use the Read Aloud tool in Microsoft Edge


  • 3m 40s
    Learn how to access websites using your Microsoft Edge browser. Find your favorite sites and browse within a website. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 26s
    Learn to browse the web using Microsoft Edge. Use hyperlinks to navigate between and around websites and access different categories in a website. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Browsing with multiple windows in Edge
    2m 52s
    It is very easy to browse the internet using more than one window in Microsoft Edge. Learn how to open these windows, move between them and organize them more easily. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Using tabs in Edge
    3m 29s
    To browse a number of sites without opening more than one window, Microsoft Edge allows you to use tabs. You will see how to open, organize and manage tabs. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Getting more out of tabs in Edge
    4m 30s
    It is possible to customize the tab settings in your Microsoft Edge browser. You will see how to manage the different options and customize the way tabs work. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Setting aside & restoring tabs in Edge
    2m 31s
    In Microsoft Edge, you can set the tabs aside that you have open in a window in order to read and go back to them later. The tabs will be saved in an easily accessible panel that you can open at any time to restore and reopen the tabs in the list. You can also manage this list by removing any tabs that you no longer need. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Downloading files from the web in Edge
    3m 50s
    In Microsoft Edge, you can download all types of files and applications. You will see how to download a file from your browser and from OneDrive as well as how to view your downloads folder and change the location where your downloads are stored. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Reading an e-Pub book in Edge
    3m 41s
    With Windows 10, you can download e-books from the Windows Store and read them in the Microsoft Edge browser. It is also possible to download e-books from other online sources and read them in Edge. You will see how to do this and how to read an e-book in Microsoft's browser. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Getting more from e-Pub files in Edge
    3m 49s
    Edge doesn't just allow you to read e-Pub books, but perform detailed searches within their contents, and even leave your own comments and reading notes. Find out how to search within an e-Pub book, and how to create, manage, and delete your notes. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Reading a PDF file in Edge
    3m 32s
    Microsoft Edge can be used to open and view PDFs, without the need for any additional extensions or plugins. Once the file is open, you can browse its contents, adjust the reading tools, and even add your own annotations.   FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Getting more from PDF files in Edge
    4m 28s
    Having opened a PDF file in Edge, you can search within it, and even add your own comments. Find out how to perform advanced searches in the contents of a PDF file, and how to create and manage comments. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Using the InPrivate mode in Edge
    3m 3s
    Normally when you browse the internet using Microsoft Edge, details of what websites you have visited are saved in your browsing history. If you want to surf without leaving any traces, you can open an InPrivate window in Microsoft Edge. Learn how to find this option and how to modify its settings. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Annotating a web page in Edge
    3m 8s
    With your Microsoft Edge browser, it is now possible to add notes, comments and other annotations to a web page. Here you will learn how to use these features and how to modify the elements added to a web page. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Managing tabs & windows with your keyboard in Edge
    2m 42s
    Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Edge, which will allow you to navigate between tabs and windows without using the mouse. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    15.  Browsing with the keyboard in Edge
    2m 54s
    If you don't want to use your mouse to browse the web using Microsoft Edge, you can instead use keyboard shortcuts. Using just your keyboard, you will be able to browse in the same way as with your mouse. You will also see how to activate caret browsing, which enables you to select text from a web page more easily using only your keyboard. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Using Reading View in Edge
    2m 49s
    Reading view will allow you to read web pages more comfortably, provided that the website is optimized for this function. Learn to switch between one mode and the other in order to avoid the distractions of website banners and adverts. FREE ACCESS
  • Locked
    17.  Using the Read Aloud tool in Edge
    3m 33s
    The Read Aloud tool in Microsoft Edge can be used to read out loud the text of a particular web page, PDF, or e-book. This is a great tool if you have trouble reading the contents of a document you have open in Edge, or if you simply want an audio version of the information you are browsing. FREE ACCESS


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