Building Presentations in PowerPoint for the Web

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Bring your presentations to life. Themes allow you to quickly improve the appearance of your presentation. In order to save time when creating your presentation, you can copy, cut, paste and move slides. If you're collaborating on a project with others, it's a good idea to know how to work on the same presentation simultaneously. You can also add comments to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the presentation with PowerPoint on the Web.


  • use themes to improve a presentations appearance
    insert and remove slides from a presentation
    move slides in a presentation
    insert text
  • copy and paste presentation elements
    collaborate with others in real-time
    comment on a presentation


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    1.  Using presentation themes in PowerPoint for the Web
    3m 30s
    In PowerPoint for the Web, you can change the overall appearance of your presentation by using themes. These themes come complete with a variety of different predefined elements, such as text font, background images and… FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Inserting a new slide in PowerPoint for the Web
    4m 10s
    A presentation is made up of multiple slides. Presentation slides are similar to the pages in a text document. If you want to create your presentation, you'll need to know how to insert new slides in PowerPoint for… FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Moving your slides in PowerPoint for the Web
    2m 42s
    If you've put a slide in the wrong place or if you simply wish to reorganize the slides in your presentation, PowerPoint for the Web allows you to move them around quickly and easily, by simply using the drag and drop… FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting text in PowerPoint for the Web
    4m 22s
    Unlike a word processor, inserting text into your PowerPoint for the Web presentation requires you to first create text boxes. These are used to ensure that your text is positioned in the right place on your slide.… FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Copying & pasting in PowerPoint for the Web
    4m 46s
    The copy and paste functions are often used in office documents to save time when it comes to reorganizing or editing your presentation. PowerPoint on the Web is no different--you can copy and paste to move shapes,… FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Working with other users in real-time in PowerPoint for the Web
    3m 49s
    One of the most useful features in PowerPoint on the Web is the ability to collaborate with other users on the same presentation in real time. This means that changes made by one user in their browser will be immediately… FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Commenting on a presentation in PowerPoint for the Web
    3m 51s
    If there are multiple individuals working on your presentation, you may find the comment tool a useful way of collaborating and coordinating your additions and modifications. You can use the comment tool to leave notes or… FREE ACCESS


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