Building Web Applications with JSP: Handling Errors

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It is important to provide your end-users the best experience when browsing on your JSP website. Investigate how to achieve this by seamlessly handling errors using this course. You'll discover default and manual error handling in a JSP app, the creation of a custom error page, and the referencing of resources such as images in a JSP page. This course will also help you explore the use of web.xml deployment descriptor files in setting configurations and techniques when it comes to handling exceptions in JSP. Upon completion of this course, you'll have the foundational knowledge to handle errors in a JSP app.


  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
    Set up a jsp page to direct an end-user to a specific error page in the event of an exception being thrown
    Add references to external resources in a jsp page by using the jsp expression language to get the application context path
  • Use a web.xml file to define a common error page for the entire jsp application
    Adopt the java try-catch block for exception handling and explore some of the recommended practices
    Summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 2m 23s
    JavaServer Pages, or JSP, is a collection of technologies that simplify dynamic website construction.  Discover how to leverage the power of the Java programming language to build rich, responsive, and easy-to-maintain websites. Learn ways to seamlessly handle website errors. Design sites that offer the best possible browsing experience. Explore the web.xml deployment descriptor file to configure the entire application. This course will prepare you to learn about servlets and database integration. FREE ACCESS
  • 10m 47s
    Learn the steps to handle exceptions and to produce a JSP error page. Define a form for users to input data. Extract form data. Use process.jsp functions to return results. Work with input or processing errors and thrown exceptions. Analyze the error.jsp page to obtain feedback about error details. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using the JSP Expression Language
    10m 56s
    Discover JSP Expression Language features. Work with the page directive, isErrorPage attributes, the isELIgnored attribute, and application resource paths. Learn about expression language and JSP Expression coding syntax. Validate resource paths. See how to edit code in the IDE and generate WAR files to work with Tomcat webapps. Troubleshoot exception classes. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Setting an Application-level Error Page
    11m 10s
    Use try-catch blocks during JSP development. Develop exception handlers for process.jsp. Write firstNum and secNum declarations. Use division and modulus operations to calculate remainders and catch errors. Write JSP scriptlet tags for catch blocks. Use JSP to interleave Java and HTML. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Handling Exceptions with Java's try-catch Block
    10m 47s
    Work with exception handlers in a JSP application. Repackage applications. Invoke an arithmetic exception to test error handling. Manage internal server errors. Use IntelliJ and the error404.jsp file to troubleshoot 404 errors. Use the developer IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to analyze your code and trace processes in the Google Chrome browser and the Tomcat server. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Course Summary
    2m 13s
    You learned how to seamlessly handle errors and produce your own, custom error pages. You saw JSP expressions construct paths to resource files that are independent of the location of the JSP files, and web.xml deployment descriptor file best practices. FREE ACCESS


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