Business Reporting: Getting Started with Power BI Desktop for Data Analysis

Microsoft Power BI 2.85    |    Beginner
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Power BI is one of the most commonly-used tools for building data reports from various source data. In this course, you'll start by installing Power BI Desktop and importing data to it from several sources, including the relational databases, MySQL and PostgreSQL, cloud data warehouses, and Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML files. You'll then use Power BI to perform simple operations, such as changing data types, renaming columns, and using uppercase text. You'll also open and run the Power Query app. Moving on, you'll use Power BI to create and format simple data visualizations, such as bar charts, line charts, and stacked bar charts. Finally, you'll practice aggregating numeric data and string (categorical) data in charts, working with the correct aggregation operators for their respective fields.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    install Power BI from Microsoft Store and import data to it from an Excel file
    perform operations in Power BI using the UI and the Advanced Editor to sort data, change data types, rename columns, and use uppercase text
    perform operations in Power BI to remove columns and top rows, split columns by delimiter, filter rows, and delete a query
    create basic and advanced filters in Power BI to filter data using a condition on one or more columns
    create bar charts in Power BI, sort the values visualized in them, and edit the operations Power BI performs on the visualized data
  • edit the aesthetics of a bar chart, changing the color, display units, orientation, height, width, and more
    import JSON data into Power BI and use Power Query to convert JSON data into tabular data and change the column data types
    create and edit a line chart in Power BI by adding and configuring data labels, legends, markers, gridlines, and other chart elements
    use Power BI to design a stacked bar chart for data visualization and fields with large numbers of unique values and create a basic filter using the filters pane
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


  • 2m 33s
  • 11m 12s
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    3.  Performing Data Cleaning Operations in Power BI
    11m 15s
  • Locked
    4.  Deleting and Filtering Data in Power BI
    7m 43s
  • Locked
    5.  Using Basic and Advanced Data Filters in Power BI
    5m 39s
  • Locked
    6.  Creating Bar Charts in Power BI
    9m 47s
  • Locked
    7.  Formatting Bar Charts in Power BI
    11m 41s
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    8.  Importing JSON Data into Power BI and Formatting It
    9m 35s
  • Locked
    9.  Creating and Formatting Line Charts in Power BI
    11m 10s
  • Locked
    10.  Working with Stacked Bar Charts in Power BI
    7m 49s
  • Locked
    11.  Course Summary
    2m 51s


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