CEH v11: Cyber Kill Chain, TTPs, Behaviors & Threat Hunting

Ethical Hacker v11    |    Intermediate
  • 4 videos | 1h 5m 34s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
If you know how most threat actors and groups attack their targets, you'll be better equipped to defend against those attacks. In this course, you'll explore the seven phases of the Cyber Kill Chain, which aims to guide defenders in their understanding of commonly used attack strategies. Next, you'll learn how tactics, techniques, and procedures can help you better understand the threats your organization faces. You'll move on to examine behavioral patterns typical with today's threat actors and Advanced Persistent Threats. The average time it takes to detect a breach is around 200 days, which is why threat hunting has become a standard security practice. To complete this course, you'll explore threat hunting and its usefulness, as well as the concept of Indicators of compromise. This course is one in a series that helps to prepare you for the Certified Ethical Hacker v11 (312-50) exam.


  • define the actions of a hacker in terms of the phases of the Cyber Kill Chain
    identify the functionality of the Cyber Kill Chain
    recognize the seven phases of the Cyber Kill Chain
    identify how threats relate to the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)
    recognize how Procedures are used to better understand threat actors
    identify threat actor behavioral patterns that are not normal on the network
  • identify the behavioral pattern used by threat actors to exfiltrate data or lock access to data
    recognize threat actor behavioral patterns that are outside normal user activity
    recognize behavioral patterns of threat actors
    identify the types of Indicators of Compromise (IoC) related to threat hunting activities
    describe threat hunting and how a threat hunter investigates a system
    distinguish the Indicators of Compromise (IoC) category related to threat hunting activities



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