CEH v11: Wireless Concepts, Threats & Hacking Tools

Ethical Hacker v11    |    Intermediate
  • 3 videos | 1h 4m 42s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
Wireless technologies abound in today's networks, making them a prime target for attack. In this course, you'll explore the features of Wi-Fi, common standards, authentication types, antennas, and encryption schemes. Next, you'll examine common threats against wireless technologies that you need to be aware of to be an effective security professional, including authentication attacks, Evil Twins, Rogue AP, and Denial of Service. To complete this course, you'll learn about commonly used wireless hacking tools, including those used for discovery, mapping, traffic analysis, and wireless attacks. This course is one in a series that helps to prepare you for the Certified Ethical Hacker v11 (312-50) exam.


  • recognize the common Wi-Fi standards
    describe the Wi-Fi authentication types
    identify the types of Wi-Fi antennas
    recognize the features of the Wi-Fi encryption schemes
    describe threats to wireless technologies
  • recognize the Rogue AP threat to wireless technologies
    identify threats to wireless technologies used by attackers
    identify tools that help with wireless discovery and mapping
    recognize tools used for doing wireless attacks
    use tools to do wireless discovery, mapping, traffic analysis and attacks


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    1.  Wireless Concepts
    23m 30s
    After completing this video, you will be able to recognize the common Wi-Fi standards. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Wireless Technology Threats
    20m 23s
    After completing this video, you will be able to recognize the threat that rogue access points pose to wireless technologies. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Wireless Hacking Tools
    20m 50s
    In this video, you will learn how to use tools to do wireless discovery, mapping, traffic analysis, and attacks. FREE ACCESS


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