Cloud and Containers for the SRE: Implementing Container Solutions

SRE    |    Intermediate
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Although containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes can function independently, they can also benefit significantly from one another. Furthermore, open source automation tools such as Jenkins can be used to increase resource utilization and efficiency through pipelines. In this course, you'll explore the many benefits of pipelines, and learn how to use them to build code. You'll outline the benefits of Git and GitHub for revision control and identify the distributed version control tools that can be used to manage source code history. You'll then work with Jenkinsfiles to write pipeline-as-a-code and code to use at the build stage, after the build and test stages, and for recording failures. Next, you'll use the Jenkins Pipeline to set the environment variables and outline the key steps and factors needed in your code review. Lastly, you'll learn how to use Kubernetes to deploy applications with high availability, scalability, and resilience.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    differentiate between Git and Github and recognize how they can be used for revision control and to support collaborative development
    provide an overview of Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS)
    outline how the Jenkins workflow tool works
    recognize how to use Jenkins Pipeline to implement and integrate continuous delivery pipelines
    differentiate between declarative and scripted pipelines
    demonstrate how to write pipeline-as-a-code using a declarative syntax with Jenkinsfiles
  • illustrate code used at the 'build' stage
    illustrate code used for recording failures
    illustrate deployment code used after successful execution of the build and test stages
    set environment variables using Jenkins Pipeline
    describe key steps and factors of a code review
    use Kubernetes to deploy applications with high availability, scalability, and resilience
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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