Cloud Data Platforms: AWS, Azure, & GCP Comparison

Google Cloud 2021    |    Beginner
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In order to utilize cloud computing, systems need to be connected to cloud data platforms. AWS, Azure, and GCP are the three big competitors in the cloud data platform space. Furthermore, cloud computing also has its own set of challenges that need to be understood, in order to apply it properly and without issues. Use this course to learn about some of the available cloud data platforms. Discover cloud analytics, available cloud analytics tools, and the pros and cons of each platform. Explore the current challenges of cloud computing, along with what the future looks like for cloud computing technology. When you've completed this course, your newfound knowledge of cloud data platforms, analytics tools, and the challenges related to cloud computing will help you decide on the right fit for your organization.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    describe AWS, its architecture, and features
    describe Microsoft Azure, its architecture, and features
    describe Google Cloud Platform, its architecture, and features
    define cloud analytics and recognize the demand for it
    list and compare different cloud analytics tools
  • recognize security-related challenges of cloud computing solutions
    identify compliance-related challenges of cloud computing solutions
    determine the challenges related to cost management of cloud computing solutions
    identify governance-related challenges of cloud computing solutions
    list common tools and future features of cloud computing
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Cloud Data Platforms: Microsoft Azure
    5m 38s
    In this video, you'll learn more about Microsoft Azure. You'll discover the cloud service provider was first introduced in 2008 and was made publicly available in 2010. It has nearly two dozen service categories and over 600 services with five tiers of customer support and the premier one has no publicly available price tag. It offers PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS and also serverless computing and supports a large number of third-party tools as well as the Linux operating system. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Cloud Data Platforms: Google Cloud Platform
    5m 21s
    In this video, you'll learn more about Google Cloud Platform, its history, offerings, and a sample application architecture. Google Cloud Platform was developed for their internal use and later was released as a suite of services alongside the well-known Google Workspace. The first service was App Engine and other came Compute Engine, DNS, data analytics, load balancing, and monitoring services. The demo starts with an overview of GCP's portfolio. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Cloud Analytics
    4m 6s
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    6.  Popular Cloud Analytics Tools
    5m 19s
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    7.  Cloud Computing Challenges: Security
    5m 4s
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    8.  Cloud Computing Challenges: Compliance
    5m 54s
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    9.  Cloud Computing Challenges: Cost Management
    3m 44s
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    10.  Cloud Computing Challenges: Governance
    3m 47s
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    11.  Future of Cloud Computing
    3m 9s
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    12.  Course Summary
    1m 34s


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