Complete Guide to Excel 365: Using Formatting, Styles, & Themes

Excel Office 365    |    Intermediate
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Conditional formatting is a significant and powerful feature in Excel. In this course, you'll begin by using some of the more straightforward types of conditional formattings, such as those based on specific values or ranking. You'll then use the more visually appealing types of conditional formatting, such as data bars, icon sets, and color scales, before advancing to more complex custom formatting rules using worksheet functions and a cell's row and column information. Additionally, you'll distinguish the purpose of notes versus comments and how to work with them both. Finally, you'll learn to use built-in styles and themes, create custom styles and themes and export them for use in other Office 365 products, such as PowerPoint, to apply a uniform look-and-feel to all your spreadsheets and presentations.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    copy-paste formulas with relative cell references, use the Insert Function menu to see built-in worksheet functions, arguments, and results, and use the AutoFill options to control how copy-pasted data is handled
    use keyboard shortcuts to insert line breaks and the date and time into a cell, set default fill behavior when copy-pasting dates and times, customize AutoCorrect options to control workbook proofing, extend built-in AutoCorrect rules to expand acronyms automatically, and work with fractions and percentages  
    use Excel's Comments feature to have threaded conversations, insert, show, hide, and delete notes and comments, and prevent metadata loss when converting notes to comments  
    recognize the #SPILL! error and data tables features, such as named columns, calculated columns, and headers, use data tables to filter, sort, and remove duplicate data, and convert to and from traditional Excel ranges
    use the Conditional Formatting menu item to highlight cells based on rules, use relational operators (greater than, less than, between) and text and date filters, and visualize data properties by highlighting duplicates, top-N, bottom-N, above-average, and below-average values  
  • use data bars, color scales, and icon sets to create visually appealing, conditionally formatted spreadsheets, and depict directional data using arrows, shapes, ratings, and OK-Warning-Error indicators  
    create new formatting rules and vary both conditions governed by the rule as well as precise formatting aspects, highlight outliers that lie a certain number of standard deviations from the mean, highlight unique and duplicate values, use the Find & Select menu item to locate all cells governed by conditional formatting rules, and clear conditional formatting rules  
    use formulas to determine which cells will be governed by a conditional formatting rule, the logical OR function to construct a boolean predicate to highlight weekends in a range of dates, and the ROW() function to alter highlighting based on cell location  
    use built-in cell styles and workbook themes, create new styles and themes, and export a theme for use in different MS-Office products
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course


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    3.  Configuring Copy-paste and AutoCorrect Options
    10m 3s
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    4.  Contrasting Notes and Comments
    5m 42s
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    5.  Using Excel Data Tables
    6m 48s
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    6.  Using Conditional Formatting
    9m 26s
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    7.  Inserting Data Bars, Color Scales, and Icon Sets
    7m 45s
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    8.  Creating Custom Conditional Formatting Rules
    9m 15s
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    9.  Constructing Complex Custom Rules
    6m 10s
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    10.  Using Styles and Themes
    7m 33s
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    11.  Course Summary
    1m 31s


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