Configuring a Messaging Platform: Database Availability Groups

Microsoft 365 2019    |    Intermediate
  • 23 Videos | 1h 57m 40s
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Learners can prepare for the MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform certification exam with this 23-video course exploring how to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot database availability groups (DAGs) to provide high availability and data recovery features in Exchange 2019. The course opens by exploring what to consider when planning for DAGs and how to create one with the EAC (Exchange administrator center). You will examine DAG membership, properties, and networks, then learn how to configure DAG members and add a mailbox database copy. Learners will see demonstrations of how to perform maintenance and install updates on DAG members, view the health of a DAG, and monitor for low disk space. Next, examine crimson channel event logging, switchovers and failovers, and how to use the EAC to perform a server switchover and remove a DAG. The course provides an overview of the high availability deployment process, active manager, disaster recovery, and site resilience. Finally, you will explore the third-party replication API included in exchange server and mailbox database copy management.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    recognize considerations when planning for DAGs
    use the EAC to create a database availability group
    recognize DAG membership considerations
    describe DAG properties including witness server, witness directory, and database availability group IP address
    describe DAG networks
    configure DAG members
    create a copy of a mailbox database in a DAG
    perform maintenance on DAG members
    install updates on DAG members
    view DAG health and status information using the Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus cmdlet
    recognize low disk space defaults and modify threshold in the registry
  • describe crimson channels in the Applications and Services logs area
    describe failover configuration settings when using DAGs
    describe database and server switchovers when using DAGs
    use the EAC to perform a server switchover
    remove a database availability group using EAC
    provide an overview of the high availability deployment process
    provide an overview of Active Manager and how it can be used to manage high availability
    describe site resilience features in Exchange 2019
    describe the third-party replication API included in Exchange Server
    list operational tasks associated with mailbox database copies
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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