Configuring a Messaging Platform: Messaging Infrastructure Lifecycle

Microsoft 365 2019
  • 23 Videos | 2h 5m 27s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
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Learners can prepare for the MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform certification exam by exploring how to manage the messaging infrastructure lifecycle in this 23-video course. You will learn how to plan an Exchange Server installation, prepare Active Directory for Exchange, and install and update Exchange services. Then examine the process for planning for an Exchange server installation, including Exchange architecture, requirements, and prerequisites. You will learn to use the Exchange Deployment Assistant, and install and configure an Office online server. Learners next examine Active Directory communication, changes made to the schema by Exchange installations, and changes made to the Active Directory forest and domains. This course demonstrates how to prepare Active Directory for Exchange Server, to install the Exchange mailbox, and describes Exchange Edge server roles. Learn how to perform an unattended installation, delegate an installation of Exchange, and upgrade Exchange to the latest cumulative update. Finally, you will learn about Exchange integration options and post installation tasks, how to verify the Exchange installation, and how to install management tools.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    plan for Exchange Server
    list Exchange Server requirements
    list Exchange Server prerequisites
    use the Exchange Deployment Assistant
    provide an overview of and install Office Online Server
    configure Office Online Server at the mailbox and organizational levels
    provide an overview of communication between Active Directory and Exchange Server
    describe how Exchange servers accesses Active Directory
    recognize schema changes made by Exchange installations
    recognize AD forest and domain changes that are necessary to store information about Exchange servers, mailboxes, and other objects
    extend the Active Directory schema, prepare Active Directory, and prepare Active Directory domains
  • install the Exchange Mailbox server role
    install the Exchange Edge Transport server role
    use Setup.exe to install Exchange in unattended mode
    delegate an installation of Exchange
    update Exchange to the latest cumulative update
    recognize scenarios to deploy Exchange on hardware virtualization software
    plan Exchange integrations with SharePoint and Skype for Business
    list common post installation tasks such as licensing a server and verifying the installation
    run the Get-ExchangeServer cmdlet to verify the installation
    install management tools
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course